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Level 23
Species Griffin
Tamable Yes
Familiar Rank ★★
Temperment Hostile
Taming Points 15
Mount Type Flying
Seal Effects

Magic Crit Damage 12 ~ 24

Health 32 ~ 54
Talent Pts 115


Yvoke is a tamable Elite enemy that can be found on multiple little floating islands near Fort Baellas, within the Sea of Hakanas. The player needs to possess the Yvoke Mark in order to tame her.

Taken from Bestiary In-Game

Yvoke's locations on the map

The majestic Yvoke has chosen an island near Fort Baellas for her roost. Yvoke is as deadly as she is beautiful, armed with a hooked beak and razor-sharp talons. Approaching Yvoke unprepared means certain death. Create a special taming mark using the power of a screamer to claim this creature as your own. The striped seawings hold the key.

― From Modi Fahl's "Journal of Discrete Ornithology"


There are multiple Yvoke's to be found flying each on their own individual floating islands North and South of Fort Baellas. There is only one Yvoke per island, so there is no worry about running into any other enemies when you attempt to tame it. They never land on the island though and have a Melee range when you engage it, but it is not impossible to keep your distance, as if you do get hit, it can take a decent chunk of your HP.

How to Tame[]

(Mounted picture: Yvoke)

In order to tame Yvoke, the player must obtain an Yvoke Mark, the Yvoke Mark Recipe has a chance of being dropped by the little Striped Seawings that can be found in large swarms above most of the rock pillars that surround Fort Baellas. The Seawings aren't all that strong, so taking them out is quite easy and getting a mark recipe shouldn't take too long as it is not a super rare drop. Once you've obtained your mark, you can now attempt to tame Yvoke. As you do not need to worry about any surrounding enemies, it is at least wise to lower its HP as much as possible to increase your chances at successfully taming her.

Mount Details[]


Stat Value
Level 1 Level 30
HP 1050 4095
Energy 754 1809
Max Altitude 600m
Move Speed 9.00
Attack Speed 2.00
DPS 26 113
Physical Defense 235 783
Max Level 30


Ability Icon Name Unlocked Level Max Skill Level Type Effect Cast Type Cooldown Cost Range Description
MysticCry.png Mystic Cry Lv. 1 Lv. 1 Familiar (Buff) Increases Magic Attack by 20.00% for 30 sec. Instant 60 sec. 50 Melee Magic flows through you, increasing magic attack.
DignifiedGuard.png Dignified Guard Lv. 5 Lv. 6 Familiar (Passive) Physical Defense increased by 5.00% - 20.00%. - - - - Increases defense.
GougingStrikes.png Gouging Strikes Lv. 10 Lv. 5 Familiar (Attack) Deals 40 ~ 60 damage to Health every 3 sec for 10 sec. 500 - 900 damage. Instant 15 sec. 10 3.0m Pecks the enemy multiple times.

Sealing Details[]

Seal stones are items that turn tamed familiars into items in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or convert to talent points. Sealing Yvoke requires an elite Seal Stone and grants the following bonuses

Lv 1 Lv 30
Magic Critical Damage 12 - 24 121 - 133
Health 32 - 54 208 - 230

Converting Yvoke to Talent Power provides 115 Talent Points regardless of level.