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Riders of Icarus takes place in the world of Midellas which comprises various regions. New regions are being discovered all the time, with even more familiars to tame.

Midellas Map.png

Regions of Midellas

Below are the currently discovered regions of Midellas.

Brakarr Forest
Brakarr Forest Loading pic.jpg

Hakain's Crossing
Hakain's Crossing Loading pic.jpg

Hakanas Highlands
Hakanas Highlands Loading pic.jpg

Sea of Hakanas
Sea of Hakanas Loading pic.jpg

Parna's Coast
Parna's Coast Loading pic.jpg

Tritael Rift
Tritael Rift Loading pic.jpg

Exarahn Badlands
Exarahn Badlands Loading pic.jpg

Cloying Wastes
Cloying Wastes Loading pic.jpg

Exarahn Badlands - Part II
Exarahn Badlands Loading pic.jpg

Stygaea Loading pic.jpg

Ellora Sanctuary
Ellora Sanctuary Loading pic.jpg

Windhome Canyon
Windhome Canyon Loading pic.jpg

Akrat Plains
Akrat Plains Loading pic.jpg

Turimnan Valley
Turimnan Valley Loading pic.jpg

Continent Content Color Reference:
Brakarr Forest Hakain's Crossing Hakanas Highlands Sea of Hakanas Parna's Coast
Tritael Rift Cloying Wastes Exarahn Badlands and Exarahn Badlands - Part II Stygaea Ellora Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon
Akrat Plains Turimnan Valley World

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