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Wizards control the very fabric of nature, conjuring the elements to unleash massive destruction over wide areas of the battlefield. Wizards are one of the ranged spell casters classes, they specialize in focusing large amounts of mana upon an enemy, dealing an immense amount of damage before they are even reached by enemies. However wizards do lack in defense and health. Wizards wield a variety of spells at the cost of slow casting time. Those that wish to select the wizard as a class should take into account the casting times and effects of the wizards magic spells.

Below are some highlights of the skills available to the wizard class.

Recommended Stats[]

Wizards should try to obtain equipment which increases Intelligence, Willpower, Constitution, Magic Attack, Magic Critical Rate, Magic Critical Damage and Cooldown.

Area of Effect Spells[]

Wizards have access to the most Area of Effects (AoE) of any class within Riders of Icarus. Such as Thunderstorm, Fire Storm and Hail Storm just to name a few. AoE skills do damage over time (DoT) so wizards should not forget where they have placed an AoE. A Wizard should be very careful with AoE as you may hit a few too many enemies than you can handle.

AoE skills in action

Mana Shield[]

Mana shield in action

The Mana Shield skill allows the wizard to deploy a protective barrier made out of mana. Instead of taking health damage, mana is consumed. This is a very useful skill for a wizard to get out of tight situations. Essentially the mana bar acts as a second health bar, but wizards should be very careful when using this skill as wizards may find that they have no mana left to cast any spells!.

Difficulty: Very Hard

This class commands powerful spells to assault enemies with the elements, stacking up powerful magical combos and relying on careful planning to survive.

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