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Twilight Kargyle
Level 40
Species Dragon
Tamable Yes
Familiar Rank ★★★
Temperment Hostile
Taming Points 40
Mount Type Flying
Seal Effects

Physical Attack 33 ~ 68

All Stats 10 ~ 16

Twilight Kargyle is a tamable Heroic familiar that can be found flying approximately 850m in a counter clockwise direction above the lower area of The Lost Roost, within Tritael Rift. The player needs to possess the Kargyle Mark in order to tame Twilight Kargyle

Taken from Bestiary In-Game

Kargyle was cursed in more than one way. The magic that drove him mad also created a duplicate of him. Twilight Kargyle may not be the original, but he has grown terrifyingly strong in a short period of time. His skin is harder than rock and his strikes can shake mountains. While Void Kargyle flees from the Fallen Legion, his Twilight doppelganger hurts them mercilessly. Taming the copy is a complex affair, requiring a mark made from Purified Bone Essence, as well as the seal stones of Leonid and Voidbeast Drauph. And to even have a chance to use it, one must land a critical blow on the beast. Check the Pegasus Billboard for more information

― From Robinson's survey of the Breach


Lowering his health to around 5-10% is best way to tame him.

How to Tame[]

(Mounted picture: Twilight Kargyle)

To tame Twilight Kargyle you will need a Kargyle Mark.

After you get a Kargyle Mark from the Auction or by crafting you are able to tame him. You can also obtain these from the Voucher NPCs who sell Heroic Tritael Rift Mark Boxes.

Mount Details[]


Stat Value(Base)
HP 1134
Energy 3262
Move Speed 10.00
Attack Speed 2.00
DPS 221
Physical Defense 232
Max Level 40
Max Altitude 950m


Ability Icon Name Unlocked


! Type Effect Cast Type Cooldown Cost Range Description
Mystic Resilience.png Mystic


1 Familiar


- - - - - Mythical familiars can shrug off the environmental

status effects of all regions.

Dawn's Hour.png Dawn's


1 Familiar


Physical Attack increased by 1.00%. - - - - Increases attack power.
BlazingHeartM.png Twilight


1 Familiar


Health increased by 50.

Physical Defense increased by 1.00%

- - - - Increases Physical Defense and Health.
Dark Flames.png Dark


1 Familiar


Afflicts stun for 3 sec. Cast

2 sec.

30 sec. 20 22.0m Fires a sphere of darkness at enemies.
Daark Shout.png Dark


8 Familiar


300 - 350 Damage.

Decreases Move Speed by 40% for 10 sec.


3.0 sec.

30 sec. 25 12 m Damages nearby enemies with a deadly roar.
Dark Breath.png Dark


15 Familiar


1000 - 1300 Damage.

Decreases Accuracy by 50% for 10 sec.


3.0 sec

1 min. 25 22.0 m Spouts flame at enemies in front of you.

Sealing Details[]

Seal stones are items that allow you to seal tamed familiars in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or used to give talent points. When you seal this mount away with a seal stone in order to use it on equipment enhancing, you get these stats:

  • Physical Attack 93 - 129
  • All Attributes 21-27

And when you use the sealing stone to get talent points you get: Talent Power: