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This system allows Riders to absorb identical gear and weapons to enhance and upgrade the stats of another.

How to Transcend[]

Heroic Transcend Stone


In order for you to transcend, you need an identical piece of gear or weapon, and one of the following:

  • Modest Heroic Transcending Stone (Level 45 and below)
  • Austere Heroic Transcending Stone (Level 46 to 55)
  • Complex Heroic Transcending Stone (Level 56 - 65)

    Legend Transcend Stone

  • Modest Legendary Transcending Stone (Level 45 and below)
  • Austere Legendary Transcending Stone (Level 46 to 55)
  • Complex Legendary Transcending Stone (Level 56 - 65)

Which Transcending Stone you need, depends on what level and grade gear you are trying to transcend.


Modest, Austere, and Complex Heroic Transcending Stone can be purchase from the NPC Narain (Armorer) at Elgaden located in Ellora Sanctuary. Though, you cannot buy Legendary Transcending Stones, but it can drop from legendary dungeons or world bosses.


Once you have your transcending stone and an identical piece of gear, you can start transcending. You can only transcend gear. If you fail a Transcending, you will not lose the piece you are trying to transcend, only the transcending stone. Although, once you reach a certain transcending point, you will lose the duplicate gear and the transcending stone. For example:

Transcend two lower.png
Transcend two higher.png
  • Transcending gear up to 2/7 will not consume the duplicate gear if it fails
  • Transcending gear pass 2/7 will consume the dupliacte gear if it fails

Max Transcended that shows a stat increase

What does it do?[]

Stat Increase[]

All primary stats on the selected gear are increased by 1 or 2 points per level if you succeed a transcend. If the gear can be transcended, it can go up to 5/5 transcending, but Temmajin gear can be transcended to 7/7. The extra increase in stats are shown in yellow next to the base stats the gear gas

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