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The Frost Keep
The Frost Keep.jpg
The Frost Keep exterior
Region Parna's Coast
Minimum Level 34
Tamable Familiars (Heroic Only) Frost, Mist, Phantom
Final Boss Rondo Terramunce
Mini Bosses Balbora
De Lamarche & Revived Sinthan (Elite+)
Mobs Yeti Brute
Frost Keep Guard
Frost Keep Sentinel
Frost Keep Infernal
Frost Mage
Frost Guardian
Axe Killer
Axe Slayer
Destructive Dark Mage
Steel Sentry
Guard Wolf


The Frost Keep is a dungeon for players of level 34 and above which is located in the southeast of the Parna's Coast region. The player first encounters this dungeon as part of the main storyline, after all shards of the Water Mirror have successfully been combined. Inside, the player is guided by Captain Dave Johnson, a ghost pirate who tries to help the player stop Rondo and save the people of Parna's Coast.

Map: The Frost Keep, bottom floor

Map: The Frost Keep, top floor

Captain Dave Johnson


[E] = Elite Ranking [H] = Heroic Ranking

Note that the Elite and Heroic counts found below are approximations; the exact number of enemies encountered depends on the amount of extra mobs that spawn within the dungeon.

[E] Yeti Brute [E] Frost Keep Guard [E] Frost Keep Sentinel [E] Frost Keep Infernal [E] Frost Mage [E] Frost Guardian [E] Axe Killer [E] Axe Slayer [E] Destructive Dark Mage [E] Steel Sentry
Image TFK YetiBrute.png TFK FrostKeepGuard.png TFK FrostKeepSentinel.png TFK FrostKeepInfernal.png TFK FrostMage.png TFK FrostGuardian.png TFK AxeKillerSlayer.png TFK AxeKillerSlayer.png TFK DestructiveDarkMage.png TFK SteelSentry.png
Level 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34 34
Story Count 1 4 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 0
Elite Count 4 14 12 1 5 1 5 2 4 5
Heroic Count 4 13 12 2 5 2 6 3 6 4

[H] Balbora [H] De Lamarche & Revived Sinthan [H] Rondo Terramunce [E] Guard Wolf* [E] Frost** [E] Mist** [H] Phantom**
Image TFK Baldora.png TFK DeLaMarcheRevivedSinthan.png TFK RondoTerramunce.png TFK Guard Wolf.png TFK Frost.png TFK Mist.png TFK Phantom.png
Level (S / E / H) 35 / 35 / 36 - / 35 / 36 - / 35 / 36 35 / 35 / 36 - / 33 / 33 - / - / 34 - / - / 34 - / - / 34
Story Count 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
Elite Count 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 0
Heroic Count 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1
* Spawn during the fight in Rondo's Chamber and are untamable ** Spawn during the fight in Aisha's Chamber


Entry Hall[]

The Entry Hall

Upon entering, the player spawns in the Entry Hall of The Frost Keep. In the center of this hall stands a large device which is called the Berserker Summoning Device. A short cutscene shows this device turning a moderately sized Yeti into a level 34 Elite Yeti Brute, which then charges towards the player. After defeating the Yeti, Dave Johnson urges the player to destroy a large blue crystal which is located next to the summoning device, known as a Ruinous Amplifier. If the player does not destroy the crystal within a certain amount of time, an additional Yeti Brute is summoned, even if the current Yeti Brute is still alive. This process repeats itself until the crystal is destroyed.

After destroying the crystal, the player is told to enter the two side chambers of the Entry Hall, flipping a switch on the wall both times. Once both switches are flipped, the gate which grants entry to the next area opens.

On higher difficulties, the number of enemies that spawn within the Entry Hall and its side chambers is increased.

The Audience Chamber

Audience Chamber[]

The next area is a large throne room which holds several more Ruinous Amplifiers and Frost Keep enemies. Once these are cleared, a small set of steps leads to a throne which Rondo is sitting upon.

However, as the player walks up the steps to challenge Rondo, a cutscene starts in which a large, hammer-wielding knight by the name of Balbora jumps into the fray and promises to make the player "pay in blood" for killing his men. Rondo then walks away from the scene, turning around only to ensure the player that they "will not meet again". As the fight with Balbora starts, a group of Frost Keep enemies and skeleton allies also spawn behind the player and engage in combat. At the end of the fight, these skeleton soldiers join the player to the bottom of the staircase found within the next room.

On higher difficulties, the number of enemies in the Audience Chamber is increased, but no additional allies or enemies spawn once the fight with Balbora begins.

Prison Staircase[]

The Prison Staircase

With the skeleton companions still at their side, the player next enters a Prison area which contains a massive staircase in the center of the room. In turn, this staircase spirals upwards and is connected to a bunch of (mostly empty) cells on each floor. The skeletons will fight alongside the player to defeat all enemies found at the bottom of this staircase, but do not follow the player once they start moving up. Each floor then holds one more enemy for the player to defeat before the top is reached.

On higher difficulties, no skeletons will have spawned to accompany the players, and players will run into mini boss duo De Lamarche & Revived Sinthan before being able to make their way to the top of the staircase. The number of enemies on each floor is also greatly increased, and each floor holds an additional colored crystal which can be destroyed while ascending. These stones - named Attack Stone, Defense Stone, Magic Stone and Life Stone - each increase Rondo's power and occasionally allow connected Berserker Summoning Devices to spawn more enemies if left untouched, so it is recommended to destroy as many as possible. Note that players only have a limited amount of time to destroy the stones before they become untargetable.

Rondo's Chamber

Rondo's Chamber[]

Once the player makes his way over to the top of the stairs, a narrow path leads to Rondo's Chamber, where Rondo Terramunce stands waiting. At this point, Dave Johnson seeks to avenge himself and charges at Rondo. However, the fight between the two quickly comes to an end as Rondo cuts the ghost captain down in a single strike. Once the player manages to lower Rondo's health to roughly 10 percent in the fight that follows, Rondo admits to having underestimated the player and retreats to Aisha's Room.

On higher difficulties, the stones which were not destroyed in the previous section are displayed in the corners of the room during the fight and enhance Rondo's power, and Rondo calls in the help of a set of Guard Wolves during the fight.

Aisha's Chamber[]

Aisha's Chamber

Once the player enters the final chamber of the dungeon, a cutscene plays in which the Water Mirror is pulled out and a beam of light is emitted from it towards Rondo. Although Rondo initially seems caught by surprise, he quickly recovers before transforming into a large, armored creature which the player then has to fight one final time.

Once the player defeats Rondo again, a cutscene triggers in which the spirit of Aisha appears and takes Rondo with her into the afterlife. At this point, the dungeon is cleared.

Regardless of difficulty, there are several Mirror Stands on the floor in Aisha's Room which can occasionally be used to trigger a 2.5 second channel that results in another beam of light from the Water Mirror being directed at Rondo, temporarily disabling him. On Heroic difficulty, Rondo also calls in the help of Frost, Mist and Phantom during the fight.

Repeatable Quests[]

TFK Kouslo.png
TFK VanOwenRabbini.png
Van Owen Rabbini
Quest Giver Difficulty Name Limit Objective Rewards
Kouslo Normal/Elite Palace of Ice 99 Defeat Rondo Terramunce 12399 XP
9s 70c
Van Owen Rabbini Heroic Rabbini & The Keep - Defeat Rondo Terramunce 12850 XP
7s 46c
Frost Keep Coin