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The Breach
The Breach exterior
Region Tritael Rift
Minimum Level 40?
Tamable Familiars (Heroic Only) Masto, Embra
Final Boss Umex
Golmus (story)
Mini Bosses Golmus
Various Rift Lords (Elite+)
Mobs Kakiru
Phase Warrior
Phase Shaman
Phase Knight
Phase Templar


The Breach is a dungeon for players of level 39 and above which is located southeast of the Eclipsed Shrine in the Tritael Rift region. The player first encounters this dungeon as part of the main storyline. Inside, the player must navigate the rough and winding terrain to defeat the chaotic beings who are attempting to escape The Breach and wreak havoc on the rest of Tritael Rift.

While it is impossible to reach for most familiars (being above 900m in altitude), there are two ways to reach The Breach's floating island. The easiest is to take a transit shrine located between the Eclipsed Shrine and The Breach which will teleport you to The Breach's entrance. The second is to follow two repeatable quests that Robinson from the Eclipsed Shrine grants, kill 10-18 monsters for their drops, and then head to Ellora's Perch for the daily quest to get a consumable pass to The Breach. (Just go with the transit shrine option, it's faster)

Map: The Breach

File:The Breach Portals.png

Portals and Paths within the Breach


[C] = Common Ranking [E] = Elite Ranking [H] = Heroic Ranking

Note that the Elite and Heroic counts found below are approximations; the exact number of enemies encountered depends on the amount of extra mobs that spawn within the dungeon. Also, some of the Elite mobs and Minibosses are potentially generated at random.

[C] Phase Warrior [C] Phase Shaman [C] Phase Knight [C] Phase Templar [C] Kakiru [C] Riftlord Jaron [C] Riftlord Lineth [E] Golmus [E] [E]
Image 130px 130px 130px 130px 130px 130px 130px 130px 130px 130px
Level 40 40 41 41 41 42 - - - -
Story Count 1 4 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 0
Elite Count 4 14 12 1 5 1 5 2 4 5
Heroic Count 4 13 12 2 5 2 6 3 6 4

[H] Palakor [H] [H]
Image 170px 340px 170px 170px 170px 170px 170px
Level (S / E / H) 35 / 35 / 36 - / 35 / 36 - / 35 / 36 35 / 35 / 36 - / 33 / 33 - / - / 34 - / - / 34 - / - / 34
Story Count 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
Elite Count 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 0
Heroic Count 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1


Fractal Pathway[]

File:TB FractalPathway.jpg

The Fractal Pathway

Upon entering, the player spawns in the Fractal Pathway of The Breach. The player is confronted with a horde of Phase Warriors which will call for help if another phase warrior is close to them when they are attacked. These warriors do not need to be completely wiped out, they are simply in the way.

After passing through this area, two groups of Phase Shamans and Phase Warriors patrol the area. Slipping by unseen is an option, but as these will also call for backup, it may be simpler just to defeat them.

File:TB FP PhaseShaman.jpg

Meeting up with a Phase Shaman

After defeating the Phase Shamans and their entourage, the player must deal with two flying Phase Shamans, and then climb a precarious ramp up to another level. If one happens to fall off the ramp, there is an island filled with the Deadly Orbs of Doom? and a portal that will teleport you to the bottom of the ramp. Beware hidden gaps in the islands, for the unwary will fall to their doom.

Once the ramp has been managed, a troop of Phase Knights patrol and further along, a group of Phase Templars bar the way. As with most mobs in this dungeon, fighting them is optional, but it is helpful to defeat them if one wishes to challenge the Lieutenants which are stationed nearby.

File:TB FractalReach.jpg

The Fractal Reach

The Fractal Reach[]

This then leads to the first divergence in the paths. After defeating the Lieutenants, a rock will disappear and a spiral ramp will lead the player up to the top of the Mesa. Atop the Mesa a group of Phase Warriors and Phase Shamans lie in ambush. You will be directed to recapture an Armored Knight, though Assassins are the only(?) class which can reach him by using their Chain Pull skill.

For the other classes, the player will proceed past a destructible wall and face off with some Phase Warriors and a random enemy.(based on difficulty?) After defeating them, a Riftlord and his minions will block the path. Once these are defeated, the miniboss will be waiting in the center of a circular space. Kakiru will attack the player the minute they walk into the space; since they swarm the player, they can be hard to deal with.

Entering the Fractal Expanse[]

File:TB FractalExpanse.jpg

The Fractal Expanse

Next lies the second of the diverging paths. After defeating the miniboss, a winding path leads up to the left, and a dead end is located on the right side. However, the dead end is not what it seems, since a Riftlord occupies it. After defeating the Riftlord, a small rock wall is opened up and the portal behind it is revealed.

Taking the winding path to the left will lead past Deadly Orbs of Doom?, which can be evaded by moving past them swiftly. Taking the portal route will lead you past a second Riftlord which must be defeated. In either path, a band of Kakiru will ambush you, and both of these paths meet up again in the main area of the Fractal Expanse where Golmus (the main boss for the story difficulty) resides.

File:TB Golmus.jpg


In the Elite and Heroic difficulties, defeating Golmus is only the beginning. The Fractal Expanse continues with another decision. Defeating the second Riftlord (encountered above) will also open up a portal.

Taking the winding route leads past more Deadly Orbs of Doom? towards an area where a second Golmus resides in the Elite difficulty. On Heroic, a winding spiral ramp will lead up to Masto's location. Taking the portal route will teleport you to ______.

File:TB MastoLocation.jpg

Masto Location

The final part of the Fractal Expanse has 3 different pathways to choose from, each with either Phase Warriors, Phase Knights, or Phase Templars. The easiest path is the one with the Phase Warriors, and can be found by falling through an opening in the left wall of the path onto an island, and then falling from the island onto the new pathway.

File:TB .FE EasyPath.jpg

Easy Path


Finally, Discordia approaches.

On Heroic difficulty, 3 or 4 Embra can be found wandering around the land before the entrance of Discordia. Discordia is a Tunnel through the Breach in which flying on your familiars is possible. Three different Guardians protect the Gates of Discordia and defend the approach to Umax. These three guardians: Guardian A, Guardian B, and Guardian C are surrounded by groups of Phase Warriors, Phase Shamans, and Phase Templars respectively.

Once each guardian is defeated, the path to the next is opened. After defeating all three, Umax awaits.

One important note is that if you stray to near to the side of the tunnel, your familiar will be dismissed.


File:TB Umax.jpg

Aisha's Chamber

Once the player leaves Discordia, they will land on a patchwork of small islands. While mounts are allowed, flying is not, leaving the player earthbound. Umax can only be attacked by crossbow while mounted. There are also two environmental effects that can affect your familiar and randomly move around over time. Effect 1 is a positive effect, adding energy to your familiar, while Effect 2 saps energy from them.

Umax has two main ways of dealing with pests. He will summon his spawn

Once the player defeats Umax, a cutscene triggers. At this point, the dungeon is cleared.

Repeatable Quests[]

Van Owen Rabbini
Quest Giver Difficulty Name Limit Objective Rewards
Kouslo Normal/Elite 99 Defeat Umax - XP
-s -c
Van Owen Rabbini Heroic - Defeat Umax - XP
-s -c
Breach Coin