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Story Mode

Story Mode[]



Elite Mode[]

Rewards Elite gear with a small chance at heroic gear.


Heroic Mode[]

Rewards Heroic gear with a small chance at Legendary gear.

Legendary Mode

Temple of Sands
Quest Type Story
Order quest 27
Map Cloying Wastes
Region Golden Peak
Minimum Level 44
Appropriate Level 47
Preceding Quest The Sinister Temple
Granting NPC Captain Nazahi
Reward NPC Laius
EXP Reward 1009672
Money Reward 23 P.png 60 C.png
Default Item Rewards
Steps to Complete
1. Find Laius


The magic of these scales is from deep within the temple of sands. The temple holds the secrets of Skatrasha, the ancient demi-god. The Griffin Knights were formed specifically to watch over these secrets and, in doing so, defend the peace of the Cloying Wastes.

If that power is corrupting the nearby griffins, then the prison is clearly failing. Head to the Temple of Sands and speak to the head priest there if you would.