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In-game Tempering Window

Tempering is the act of upgrading equipment through the use of tempering stones. Tempering items increases the weapon's base stats (Physical and Magical Defense for armor, and Physical and Magic Attack for weapons). Along with sealed familiars and the transcending stone system, tempering is one of three ways a player may enhance their gear, as well as the easiest and the one with the greatest effects.

How to Use Tempering[edit | edit source]

Tempering Stones[edit | edit source]

Level 120 Elite Tempering Stone (6 Pack) 3.png

In order to temper equipment, tempering stones are required. Tempering stones come in many different levels in multiples of 5 (Currently the lowest tempering stone is Lv 5 and the highest one is Lv. 250); higher level tempering stones have a greater chance of a successful temper, and stones that are of a lower level than the equipment being tempered will always result in failure. Extracting equipment is the primary way to obtain tempering stones early to mid game, although they can also be obtained as loot or from completing certain quests. As a rule of thumb, higher level gear will produce higher level tempering stones.

There are also Shining Tempering Stones, which represents a percentage chance of tempering success rate (30%, 40%, 50%). Those can be obtained by sending your Familiars to Familiar Adventures. Also, Blessed Elite Tempering Stones are guaranteed to temper a piece of equipment 100% of the time.

Tempering stones 230+ can be obtained from Hadakhan's Underground or Legendary Tomb of the Wyrm. These stones are mainly used to temper up Temmajin Gear beyond +10.

The Shining Tempering Stones and the Blessed Elite Tempering Stones are not effected by the total Tempering Chance, the tempering chance will always be the percentage shown at the tempering stone.

Using Tempering Stones[edit | edit source]

Once tempering stones have been acquired, right-click on the desired tempering stone and then left-click on the equipment to be tempered. A dialogue box will open showing a rough description of the success rate, with Very High being the highest chance of success, followed by High, Normal, Low, Very Low, and 0%. The equipment to be tempered will be displayed right below this success rating, and right below it will be displayed the result of a successful tempering, particularly the increase in its base stats. If the player is satisfied, they can then select Confirm to begin the tempering. Regardless of whether or not the tempering is successful, the stone will be consumed (although cancelling the tempering will not consume it).

Be careful since an item can downgrade starting at tempering levels of +10. At +15 or above the item can downgrade two or more levels. It is advised that starting at +12 you should start using elluns to prevent your items from downgrading when you temper your gear, elluns can be obtained by completing daily quests, achievements or special events.

Equipment can be tempered a number of times depending on the level, ranging from a possible maximum of 5 to 25. Higher level gears tend to have a higher maximum number of tempering levels. Legendary gear can be tempered between 20 to 25 times, while heroic quest gear can only be tempered 10 times for instance.

If you temper a item on +16 or higher an announcement will appear in the chat "Player tempered Item to +x". However, any +16 or higher item cannot be traded anymore even if you haven't equipped it before.

Tempering Results[edit | edit source]

Tempering increases the base effectiveness of armor, such as physical and magic defense. It also increases the base physical or magic of weapons. This does not increase the extra stats and effects on the armor, and a +10 Brutal Karasha Boots will have the same strength bonus at any tempering level.

This section is a work in progress and needs more information

― Ancalegon

Armor[edit | edit source]

Tempering increases physical and magic defenses for a set percentage of the initial armor. Karasha Armor with an original 200 physical defense and at +4 tempering level will have +50% of the original armor equal to +100 physical defense. At a tempering level of +10, the armor will have a +240 physical defense bonus. The bonus applies to both magic and physical defenses equally.

Legendary Armor[edit | edit source]

Tempering Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Bonus to Armor 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 120% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -% -%

Heroic Armor[edit | edit source]

Elite Armor[edit | edit source]

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