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Talents are unlocked when a player finishes the quest Talent: Strength Unlocked at level 20. After you complete the quest you will have access to the talent page on your character's profile.

You can also switch between a second talent tree by clicking the second talent page at the talent menu. This change will cost you 1 Ellun.

There will also be a warning, when you hit the switch button "Change talent on page 2? 1 elluns required."

Talent Pool.png

It also costs 1 Ellun if you wish to reset your talents. To do so, click on the reset button on the bottom of the page. Be warned, resetting will not return the talent power already used. The cost then increases each time you reset

You can fill your talent orb with power by right clicking on a sealed familiar and then clicking on the orb. This increases how much power is in the orb based on how much talent power is given by the applied sealed familiar.

Each familiar has a set amount of talent power and leveling up a familiar before using a seal stone on it does not affect the power.

  • Currently, the Skanner (a vulture-like flyer in the Sea of Hakanas) and the Royal Aros (a phoenix-like flyer in the Blasphemer's Swamp area of Parna's Coast) have the highest Talent Power (50) of all Common Familiars.
  • The Ruby Bloodwyrm and Blue Bloodwyrm (Bloodwyrms at high altitude around Guardian's Gate in Hakanas Highlands) are easy to tame Elite Familiars and provide 130 Talent Power.

You will continue to unlock talent skill slots every 5 levels and also gain access to more talent skills. Talent slots for levels 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 are all that currently show ingame.

Class Talents[]

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