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All Quests in game are shared by every class, aside from an introductory quest that demonstrates class-specific skills within the Dragon Knight station.


Quest Name Starting NPC Story Quest Order Requires level
The Broken Seal [[Zion (Hunter of Legends)]] 67
Forbidden Sorcery [[Traide (Hunter of Legends)]] 67
A Hero's Calling [[Zion (Hunter of Legends)]] 67
(Heroic+) Legendary Braghin Shaman [[Tradie (Hunter of Legends)]] 67
Prison Break Event/[[Tortus (Guard Captain)]] 1 1
Getting Your Bearings [[Tortus (Guard Captain)]] 2 1
Supply Looters [[Tortus (Guard Captain)]] 3 1
It's an Ambush! [[Tortus (Guard Captain)]] 4 1
Vanguard of the Frontline [[Crow (Onyx Order Commander)]] 5 1
Forest Fire I [[Foreman Allen (Timber Lake)]] 6 1
Forest Fire II [[Foreman Allen (Timber Lake)]] 7 1
Savage Beasts [[Foreman Allen (Timber Lake)]] 8 1
The Wolf Queen Tortus (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den) 9 1
The Crow and the Dragon [[Tortus (Guard Captain)]] (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den) 10 1
Precious Recollections [[Crow (Onyx Order Commander)]] 11 1
Hakanas's Trainers [[Crow (Onyx Order Commander)]] 12 1
Rules of Communion [[Lotea]] 13 1
Familiar Exam [[Lotea]] 14 1
Cullaghan [[Crow (Onyx Order Commander)]] 15 1
Lost Hammer [[Cullaghan (Master Blacksmith)]] 16 3
Barrier Breaking [[Cullaghan (Master Blacksmith)]] 17 2
Into the Ruins (Southern Ruins) [[Crow (Onyx Order Commander)]] 18 4
Phoenix in Need [[Jaden]] 20 2
Onward [[Private Wolfrick (Dragon Knight)]] 21 2
Mysterious Potion [[Alex (Dragon Knight Lieutenant)]] 22 3
Preparatory Mission [[Truth-Seer (Brakarr Forest Elf)]] 23 3
Truthsight Potion [[Truth-Seer (Brakarr Forest Elf)]] 24 3
Ruins Specter [[Alex (Dragon Knight Lieutenant)]] 25 3
Taking Flight [[Alex (Dragon Knight Lieutenant)]] 26 3
Hammer and Chisel [[Crow (Onyx Order Commander)]] 27 3
The Chisel [[Kylas (Brakarr Forest Elf)]] 28 3
Barrier Breaker [[Crow (Onyx Order Commander)]] 29 4
A Time For Help Crow (Quest Transparent) 30 4
Webbed Dahf (Arms Merchant) 31 4
Expression of Gratitude Keersha (Adventurer) 32 4
Crow's Summons Duff(Weapon Merchant) 33 4
Into the Ruins (Northern Ruins) Crow 34 6
Bring Down That Barrier Rena (Female Knight) 35 6

Quest Name Starting NPC Story Quest Order Requires level
Velzeroth Velzeroth 35
The Guardian Dragon's Advice Velzeroth 1 35
Traces of Tritael Archivist Bretrand 2 35
To the Rift Master Yulnus 3 35
Closed Port Marin 9 24
Path of Growth Velzeroth 29 60
(Relics of Ruin) Fight Fire With Fire Velzeroth 30 60
Magmafora Velzeroth 31 60
Hakain's Crossing (quest) Darris 36 7
Audience with the King Garland (Dispatch Commander) 37 5
Orders from the King King Ron Fraine IX 38 5
The Big City Master Yulnus <Virtue> 39 5
The Familiar Academy Stuart 40 5
Outfitting Your Familiar Director Willow 41 5
Virtue Craftmaster Blueton 42 5
Destabilizing Your Foes Virtue Linetta 43 5
Yulnus's Message Virtue Linetta 44 5
The Long Journey Up Master Yulnus 45 6
Crisis in the Highlands Raglans (Transit Shrine Keeper) 46 6
Message from Crow Master Yulnus 71 13
Securing the Kingdom I Crow 72 13
Securing the Kingdom II Virtue Linetta (In front of the castle wall) 73 13
Securing the Kingdom III Behain (Elgrain Farm) 74 13
Artisanal Supplies Virtue Linetta (In front of the Elgrain Farms) 75 13
Crow's Message Craftmaster Blueton 76 13
Trouble in the North Crow 77 13
Eastern Crossing Brody (Guard) 78 13
Northern Watchtower Azzar the Guard 79 13
Talent: Strength Unlocked Priest of the Divine Dragon Island 104 18
Crow's Calling Priest of the Divine Dragon Island 105 18
The Stolen State Crow 106 18
Traces of Light Ripley Gain (Dragon Knights) 107 18
In the Bag Behain Scale (Onyx Order) 108 18
Suspiciously Drunk Craftmaster Blueton 109 20
Hangover Cure Strongarm Stevens <Adventurer> 110 20
The Culprit Stevens Night Hawk <Adventurer> 111 20
A Matter of State Ekaterina (Elder Duke's Daughter) 112 20
Kingdom in Darkness Behain Skeron <Onyx Order> 113 20
Invasion from Within I Crow 114 20
Invasion from Within II Virtue Linetta (In front of the training yard) 115 20
Invasion from Within III King Ron Fraine IX 116 20
Missing Rena Crow 117 20
A Truth Revealed Homer 118 20
To the Sea Dahrven 119 20
Take to the Skies Raglans (Transit Shrine Keeper) 120 20
The Sea of Hakanas (quest) Marin 121 20

Quest Name Starting NPC Story Quest Order Requires level
Veiled in Death Master Yulnus 22
Dark Resurrection Virtue Baros 1 22
Mage of Death Virtue Baros 2 22
The Liberation of Matren Zeloth (Frozen Path) 3 24
The Frozen Mines Virtue Baros 3 23
The Guardian's Gate Zeloth (Frozen Path) 4 24
Gravity Well Draden 5 24
This Gate is Closed I Harmon (Aspirant) 6 24
This Gate is Closed II Harmon (Aspirant) 7 24
Contact from Marin Field Magister Draden (At the Guardian's Gate) 8 24
Stones of Corruption Maria 47 7
The Scholarly Khabimists Ive (Ruins Sentry) 48 7
Khabim's Corruption Ive (Ruins Sentry) 49 7
Werewolves Aplenty Maria 50 8
By Hook or by Crook Maria 51 8
The Alpha Rancher Herbert 52 8
Of Wolves and Humans Amos (In front of Jack's cave) 53 8
Forbidden Experiment Amos (In front of Jack's cave) 54 8
Hunter's Cave Amos (In front of Jack's cave) 55 9
A Bolt for a Bunny Maria 56 10
Lost Hunter Duke (Crossbow Master) 57 10
Dangerous Maneater Gunther's Corpse 58 10
Masterful Goods Duke (Crossbow Master) 59 10
The Cowardly Grandson Rick (Crossbow Master's grandson) 60 10
To Zadaran Duke (Crossbow Master) 61 12
The Survivors Mayor Serlian 62 12
Death from Above Zebia Koter 63 12
The True Source Jordi (Dragon Knights) 64 12
A Stranger's Betrayal Jordi (Dragon Knights) 65 12
To Lavalight Cave Zebia Koter 66 11
Dragon Slayer Private Corrance (Dragon Knight) 67 12
Through Fire and Flame Constance (Patrolman) 68 12
Knight's Honor Constance (Patrolman) 69 12
Reporting In Private Corrance (Dragon Knight) 70 15
Salant's Corruption Captain Melvin Haan 80 13
Harnessing Fire Aiden (Weapon, Armor Merchant) 81 13
The Fisherman and the Lake Captain Melvin Haan 82 13
Dangerous Materials Hunter Lokke 83 13
Master of the Lake Hunter Lokke 84 14
Informing the Arcanum Hunter Lokke 85 14
Magic Inscribed in Blood Aspirant Azalia (Magic Skills Master) 86 15
Hard Decisions Lebrohn Quotrr (Combat Skills Master) 87 15
The Fox in the Hen House Sir Levin Kotter 88 15
The Maid and the Monsters Aspirant Azalia (Magic Skills Master) 89 16
The Mad Count Jessica 90 17
Source of the Chaos Jessica 91 17
Vile Ritual Captain Rostham (Dragon Knights) 92 17
To the Hunters' Campground Rostham of Dragon Knights 93 17
Queen's Ransom Captain Chaser (Averis Hunters) 94 17
Population Control Captain Chaser (Averis Hunters) 95 17
Tanner Village Captain Chaser (Averis Hunters) 96 17
Blinded Coast Captain Chaser (Averis Hunters) 97 17
Roaring Reforesting Captain Chaser (Averis Hunters) 98 17
Chasing the Heat Virtue Baros 99 18
How to Fly Higher Private Rosette 100 18
To Fly Higher Priest of the Divine Dragon Island 101 18
To Fly Higher II Frayer (Priest of Nerhes) 102 18
Familiar Ablaze Frayer 103 18

Quest Name Starting NPC Story Quest Order Requires level
Advanced Scouting Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Beginning the Counterattack Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Counterattack Ferard (Onyx Order) 21
Fort Zenen Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Report to Hakanas Crow (Onyx Order) 22
Workers' Rations Jinta'rahn (Master Builder) 20
The Ritual Clemence of Onyx Order (Fort Zenen) 21
To Fort Baellas Jinta'rahn (Crokhoon Construction Manager) 21
To the Bulwark Crow <Onyx Order> 21
Trail of the Princess Ferard <Onyx Order> 21
Unsightly Opponents Jinta'rahn <Master Builder> 20
Secure the Passage Commander Bakir 122 19
The Assault Begins Commander Bakir 123 20
Lightning War Commander Bakir 124 20
The Auteur Commander Bakir 125 20

No results

Obtained From Mission name
Bartolo To The Cloying Wastes
Bartolo The Dangerous Desert
Bartolo Captainless
Warak Uprooting Rebels
Warak Suspicious Messenger
Warak Chaotic Collusion
Bartolo Mercenary's Letter
Elena Codebreakers and Crows
Elena Helpful Gesture
Bartolo An Unknown Herb
Bartolo Caravan Ambush
Ladas Caravan Defense
Warak Marching Orders
Warak Breaking Camp
Warak For the Gold
Chantra Captain Curtis
Curtis Mine Sweeper
Curtis No More Mercs
Curtis Oreum under Siege
Elena The Oreum Trade
Elena Unexplained Sighting
Elena Order of the Griffin
Damay Good Intentions
Damay Welcome to the Golden Peak
Yahur Among Griffins
Yahur The Sinister Temple
Captain Nazahi Temple of Sands
Laius Uninvited Guest
Captain Nazahi Master of Griffins
N/A King of the Desert
Kegriff Crokhoon of the Desert
Captain Nahazi Prepare for War
Liaven Missing Griffin
Liaven Make Them Pay
Liaven Shaman of Death
Laman'tuul Altar of Fire
Laman'tuul Rebel Stockades
Captain Nazahi Hunting for Purpose
Captain Nazahi The Mighty Turo'khan
Turo'khan An Honourable Death
Turo'khan Peace for the Lost
Turo'khan Bloody Revenge
N/A Mysterious Staff
Turo'khan To Haracrow Temple
Chimer Prophet Rescue
Chimer The Secret of Haracrow Temple
Chimer Salting the Earth
Chimer Hermit's Town
Letina Volken Hidden Demons
Chimer Crokhoon Craftmaster
Moh'ruun Explosive Combination
Moh'ruun Sorrow's Secrets
Gerald The Ambush
Gerald Enter name here
Chimer Breaking Barriers
Elena The Princess at Last
Barrant (Dungeon) Fortress of Sorrows
Elena Lania's Crystal Ball
Chimer Soul of a God
Gilotte Ellora's Sanctuary

Obtained From Mission name
Courier Bloody Ambush
Carius Archon of the Sanctuary
Duron To Eldorr
Wentus Death Comes to Eldorr
Merdi Quest for an Antidote
Merdi Urgent Care
Merdi Poison's Source
Wentus Stolen Courage
Torran Interception
Wentus Elgaden Bound

Obtained From Mission name
Romanson Where's the Demonic Stone?
Zeromin Crokhoon Merchants
Valgas An Assassin in our Midst
Rokun Rumours in Town
Shizu (First Rumour)Light That Started the War
Cecil (First Rumour)Where's the Supply?
Henry (First Rumour)Following the Light
Hansen (First Rumour)Sorrowful Light
Henry (Second Rumour)Letter of the Witch
Igor (Second Rumour)Kurodian the Witch
Kurodian (Second Rumour)Book of Records
Kurodian (Second Rumour)Salazar's Demise
Makaru A Questionable Assistance
Rokun (Third Rumour)Shadowy Forest
Catherine (Third Rumour)The Arcanum
Tasha (Third Rumour)Aklan Forest
Tasha (Third Rumour)A Helper's Help
Silveth (Third Rumour)A Stubborn Power
Rokun Insect Kingdom
Lazard A Traitor in the Kingdom
Lazard An Unwelcome Reunion
Sasha Acolyte of the Prophet
Ani Prophetic Awakening
Ani In the Tomb of the Wyrm
Guard Axel Asking My Family's Help
Exploration Crew Aevin Familial Revenge
Guard Axel Sadness is Eating Me Up
Lazard Preparation for Magmafora

Obtained From Mission name

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