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Ruins of Matren
Ruins of Matren Exterior.jpg
Ruins of Matren exterior
Region Hakanas Highlands
Minimum Level 24
Tamable Familiars (Heroic Only) Leorid
Final Boss Chief Sinthan
Mini Bosses Dark Mage Zepello (Elite+)
Frost Iren (Elite+)
Makontin the Smith (Heroic)
Mobs Cowardly Yeti
Yeti Champion
Yeti Bear Tamer
Frostclaw Bear
Yeti Hunter
Yeti Warrior
Yeti Shaman
Dark Summoner
Frozen Zombie


Ruins of Matren is a dungeon for players of level 24 and above which is located in the northeast of the Hakanas Highlands region. The player first encounters this dungeon as part of the main storyline, following orders from the capital which instruct to liberate the town after it was taken by Salant's Yeti army. The dungeon-specific gear for this instance is the Frozen set.

Map: Ruins of Matren


[E] = Elite Ranking [H] = Heroic Ranking

Note that in the Elite and Heroic counts found below, the large number of additional enemies which spawn in the final fight are not taken into account. Also, the number of Frozen Zombies mentioned is a maximum: killing the Dark Summoners in the area before they are able to raise the surrounding zombies from the dead can drastically reduce this number.

[E] Cowardly Yeti [E] Yeti Champion [E] Yeti Bear Tamer [E] Frostclaw Bear [E] Yeti Hunter [E] Yeti Warrior [E] Yeti Shaman [E] Dark Summoner [E] Frozen Zombie
Image ROM Cowardly Yeti.png ROM Yeti Champion.png ROM Yeti Bear Tamer.png ROM Frostclaw Bear.png ROM Yeti Hunter.png ROM Yeti Warrior.png ROM Yeti Shaman.png ROM Dark Summoner.png ROM Frozen Zombie.png
Level 24 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 24
Story Count 1 6 5 5 7 4 4 0 0
Elite Count 0 29 10 10 14 5 10 7 44
Heroic Count 0 30 9 9 14 3 10 5 44

[H] Dark Mage Zepello [H] Makontin the Smith [H] Frost Iren [H] Chief Sinthan [E] Leorid
Image ROM Dark Mage Zepello.png ROM Makontin the Smith.png ROM Frost Iren.png ROM Chief Sinthan.png ROM Leorid.png
Level (S / E / H) - / 26 / 27 - / - / 27 - / 26 / 27 26 / 26 / 27 - / - / 27
Story Count 0 0 0 1 0
Elite Count 1 0 1 1 0
Heroic Count 1 1 1 1 2


Town Gate[]

Town Gate area

Upon entering, the player spawns in a small open area which contains several ruined buildings to the right and left. In the middle, a path leads towards a set of Frozen Barriers, which prevents entry to the next zone. On the path walks a Cowardly Yeti. As its name suggests, this Yeti tries to run away if the player attacks it or gets too close instead of immediately fighting back. There are also several other Yeti Champions, Yeti Bear Tamers, Frostclaw Bears and Yeti Hunters who walk around among the ruins for the player to defeat before moving on.

On higher difficulties, the number of enemies that spawn within this first area is not much different, but the Cowardly Yeti is replaced by a regular Yeti Champion and additional enemies spawn once the players attempt to break the Frozen Barriers and move on to the next area.

Belltower Plaza[]

In the next area, the player runs into Radus, a Beast Trainer who traveled to the town before the player to clear out some of the Yetis and tame Leorid, but is instead hiding after failing to do so. If the player has accepted the "Yetis on the Loose" sidequest before entering the dungeon, he is also the NPC they can talk to in order to complete this quest. Meanwhile, the path through town leads the player upwards to the right, where the first Yeti Warrior will be encountered. After defeating this Yeti, the path curves back down before eventually leading to another Frozen Barrier.

In two places within the plaza, the player encounters a Frozen Barrier which cannot be targeted. On Elite difficulty, however, both these barriers can be destroyed, and they reveal an additional ice-covered area which holds several Dark Summoners, Frozen Zombies and Dark Mage Zepello. On Heroic difficulty, two Leorids also spawn in this additional area, and Makontin the Smith replaces one of the regular mobs in the Belltower Plaza itself.


Belltower Plaza

Silver Warehouse

Miner's Road & Silver Warehouse

Upon breaching the barriers that separate the Belltower Plaza from the Miner's Road, a few additional enemies spawn and attack the player. After clearing these, the road leads to another small square which displays a few more broken buildings with enemies inside of them. The only building in this area which is not ruined is the Silver Warehouse, which the player needs to enter to advance. The entrance of this building is guarded by two Yeti Warriors.

Inside the building, a set of stairs lead the player down towards a square, empty room. Upon entering this room, a cutscene triggers in which Chief Sinthan punches through the roof of the building before jumping in and attacking the player. Upon defeating him in this room, the dungeon is cleared.

On higher difficulties, the number of enemies that spawn when attacking the barrier between the Belltower Plaza and Miner's Road is greatly increased. In addition, the fight with Sinthan does not end in the Warehouse. Instead, after reducing his health to below 30%, a cutscene triggers in which Sinthan decides to retreat, crashing through one of the walls of the warehouse before running through the Abandoned Mines towards the Mining Town Ruins area.

Mining Town Ruins

On higher difficulties, players reach the final area once they follow Sinthan through the Abandoned Mines. In this area, several more enemies stand waiting and the Frost Iren makes her rounds. Tied to this area is the Silver Valley (which is not accessible from the other side), where several more Yeti Bear Tamers and Frostclaw Bears can be found.

Meanwhile, Chief Sinthan has retreated to the back of the area. Once the players decide to attack him, he calls in the help of a large amount of additional enemies for the players to fight. After defeating him again and finishing off these enemies, the dungeon is cleared.

Mining Town Ruins

Repeatable Quests[]

ROM Zeloth.png
Quest Giver Difficulty Name Limit Objective Rewards
Zeloth Normal Too Many Yetis 99 Defeat Yeti Bear Tamer 0/3
Defeat Yeti Warrior 0/3
2010 XP, 13s 50c
Purification Stone
2x Familiar Orb
Zeloth Normal Yetis on the Loose* 99 Defeat Yeti Champion 0/4
Defeat Yeti Hunter 0/3
Defeat Yeti Bear Tamer 0/3
38000 XP, 13s 50c
5x Familiar Orb
Zeloth Elite The Liberation of Matren 99 Defeat Chief Sinthan 1510 XP, 10s 10c
3x Energy Potion IV
Zeloth Elite+ Strike Against the Brotherhood 99 Defeat Dark Mage Zepello 1000 XP, 6s 70c
Zeloth Elite+ Wight Walkers 99 Obtain Frozen Heart 0/5 2010 XP, 13s 50c
Energy Potion IV
Familiar Orb
ROM Bell.png
Quest Giver Difficulty Name Limit Objective Rewards
Bell Normal Special Stones 99 Obtain Purification Stone** 210 XP, 1s 50c
4x Familiar Orb
ROM VanOwenRabbini.png
Van Owen Rabbini
Quest Giver Difficulty Name Limit Objective Rewards
Van Owen Rabbini Heroic Rabbini vs. the Cold Mines - Defeat Chief Sinthan 340 XP, 6s 60c
Matren Coin
* Quest is completed by visiting Radus within the dungeon ** Obtained as a reward for completing "Too Many Yetis"