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A yellow exclamation mark, indicating an available story quest

Quests are objectives given to the player to complete for a reward, usually in the form of experience and money. Quests are given throughout the player's progression through the world of Riders of Icarus, and even guide the player to areas that match their level range; as a result of both this and the large amount of experience they provide, completing quests is expedient in leveling up a character as fast as possible. Quests can be viewed using the Quest Tracker to the right of the player, or by accessing the Quest menu (default shortcut: J). Click this link for Quest List that are in game

Questing Process[]

Finding and Accepting Quests[]

The most usual way to be given a quest is via NPCs, although they can also be obtained in other ways (such as an item that needs to be used). NPCs that have an available quest are marked by an exclamation mark above their head. Apart from looking for NPCs with exclamation marks above their heads, quests can also be found on the minimap. Available quests on the minimap are marked with a yellow circle and an exclamation mark in the center. Exclamation marks can have a variety colors which dictate what kind of quest is being offered.

Quest Window.jpg

  • Yellow marks are story quests, and help guide the player in the game's main story.
  • Blue markers are standards quests, and are the more common type of quests the player will encounter. Many standard quests tend to be offered alongside each story quest to assist in the leveling process. Blue markers with a blue circle spinning around it are repeatable quests, and may be completed multiple times up to a set maximum (usually 99).
  • Green markers are daily quests. Daily quests behave much like repeatable quests, except that they may only be completed once a day.
  • Grey markers are standard quests that require reaching a certain level before they can be started.

When the player talks to an NPC offering a quest, the dialogue box will display the quest(s) being offered. Clicking on the quest (or pressing F to open the topmost one) will display a brief story on what the quest is about, the objective to complete, and the reward for completing the quest. From there, either click Accept or press F to accept the quest. Once the quest has been accepted, a gray question mark will appear over the NPC's head, indicating that the quest is currently in progress; moreover, the quest will be added to the Quest Tracker for easy viewing.

Quest Completion[]

After accepting a quest, all the player needs to do is complete the objective(s) given. There are many possible objectives, but the most common ones are killing enemies, and collecting items that are either dropped by enemies or gathered from the environment. Quests also commonly involve speaking to another NPC, typically to bring the player to the next area, escorting an NPC from one place to another, or obtaining a specific familiar. Quests can also have multiple objectives, such as killing multiple types of enemies. Regardless of the objectives, once they have been completed, the player may then return to the NPC who gave the quest for their reward (although sometimes they will have to go to a different NPC).

Quest Rewards[]

Almost every quest rewards experience points and money, usually a large amount. Some quests also offer one or more items for completion, in which case the player will require enough inventory spaces in order to accept the items being offered. Sometimes, the player will be forced to choose between multiple items offered; the one the player clicks will be the one given, while the other item will be lost. Other possible rewards include titles and familiars.

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