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What is PVP?[]

PvP is player versus player. Currently we have the Exarahn Badlands as the primary area for pvp.

Exarahn Badlands[]

Riders can now travel back in time to a realm where no laws existed and chaos was rampant. Upon stepping through a newly discovered dimensional gate, Riders will find themselves 1,000 years in the past in a region once known as the Exarahn Badlands. In addition to new quests, new enemies and new familiars to capture and tame, the Exarahn Badlands is also an active PvP region. Enter and adventure at your own risk.

How to Enter:[]

To enter the Exarahn Badlands, a Rider can enter through a portal located in northern section of Hakain’s Crossing.

Entry Requirements:[]

A Rider must be level 28 or higher to enter the Exarahn Badlands.


  • When a Rider enters the Badlands, they have now entered a PvP zone and can now be engaged in PvP combat at any time! All other Riders other than those in your guild, Alliance or party are now your enemies and can be engaged in combat immediately.
  • There are safe zones in the Exarahn Badlands such as the Bloodmoon Camp and Conqueror’s Gate. PvP (including duels) is not allowed in any designated safe zone areas.
  • There are no penalties for being defeated in PvP combat.
  • When you are defeated, choosing “regular revival” will teleport you to the nearest safe zone.
  • Riders defeated in PvP combat cannot be looted. Additionally, EXP can be obtained by defeating other Riders, but only every few minutes (per Rider) to avoid exploitation and abuse of this feature.


  • Riders who are not in a Guild or are in a Guild that is Rank 2 or lower can join the local Militia.
  • To the join the Militia, Riders need to go to Gleon at Conqueror’s Gate or Alace at Bloodmoon Camp to sign up.
  • Militia members act as allies to each other, get a special chat channel, and can purchase buffs to help in battle.
  • There is no cost to join the Militia. Leaving the Militia costs 5 gold.


  • Parties can be formed before or after entering the Exarahn Badlands
  • Once a party is formed, party members will not be considered hostile targets regardless of Guild, Alliance or Militia affiliation.

Area Effect[]

Much like the “Cold Wave” of Parna’s Coast, there is a “Ruin’s Hand” effect permeating throughout the Exarahn Badlands which reduces mounted movement speed by 20% and max EP by 70%. This effect can be nullified by riding a mount from the Exarahn Badlands which have “Evil Resistance.” Pets without “Evil Resistance” will also be affected by the “Ruin’s Hand” effect. Riders can also nullify Ruin’s Hand for 10 minutes by purchasing Energy Wards from merchant NPCs within the Exarahn Badlands.


There will be quest objectives that require a certain number of PvP kills as well as Manastone retrievals.

Exarahn Coins[]

  • Riders will also be able to find and earn Exarahn Coins to obtain special items only available in the Exarahn Badlands. This includes Elite PvP specific gear, Elite Familiar Pet Items, Healing and Buff Consumables, Pet Scrolls and Seal Stones.
  • There are multiple ways a Rider can acquire Exarahn Coins. This includes Manastone Battles, quests, events and even Raid Bosses in the Exarahn Badlands. These bosses include Exarahn Jack and the Clakey Brothers.
  • You can spend your Exarahn Coins with the following NPCs located at Conqueror’s Gate and Bloodmoon Camp:
  • Conqueror’s Gate
    • Torio – Enigma Chest Coin Dealer
    • Latlan – Consumable Coin Dealer
  • Bloodmoon Camp
    • Rachiel – Enigma Chest Coin Dealer
    • Torune – Consumable Coin Dealer

New Gear[]

  • Hunter sets can be discovered in the Exarahn Badlands as drops from Raid Bosses. They can also be acquired from purchasing Enigma Chests with Exarahn Coins from Torio in Conqueror’s Gate. These chests will provide one random item from the Modest Hunter Set.
    • Armor Set – Modest Hunter (Level 30) and Austere Hunter (Level 35)
    • Weapon Set – Modest Hunter (Level 30), Austere Hunter (Level 35) and Manastone Master (Level 35)
    • Shield and Crest – Crude Hunting (Level 30) and Sturdy Hunting (Level 35)
    • Jewelry and Familiar Equipment – Modest Hunter (Level 30) and Austere Hunter (Level 35)

Alliance War[]

The Guild Alliances created since the Blight of the Frost Keep update can now engage in all-out war in the Exarahn Badlands as well as in Parna’s Coast!

How to Begin an Alliance War:[]

  • Only an Alliance leader can declare war on other Alliance.
  • An Alliance can only be engaged in one Alliance war at a time.
  • To declare war on another Alliance, an Alliance leader must open the guild tab (press the ‘G’ key) and select ‘Declare War’ from the tab. From there, click on the ‘Declare War’ button, input the enemy Alliance name, and pay 10 gold. The 10 gold is paid directly by the Alliance leader’s personal fund.
  • An Alliance leader must choose to accept or decline a declaration of war. A decision must be made within one day of receiving a declaration of war.
  • If the enemy Alliance declines the declaration of war, there is no refund of the 10 gold. If you cancel the declaration, there is no refund of the 10 gold.

Winning an Alliance War:[]

The first Alliance to defeat 500 opposing Alliance Riders in PvP will be declared the winner! There is no time limit for an Alliance War. It only ends when one Alliance has met the kill requirement. Alliance War Rewards:

An Alliance that is successful in winning an Alliance War will receive the 1 Day “War Hero” buff:[]

  • Auction listing fee decreased by 10%
  • Auction Sales Fee decreased by 10%
  • Move Speed increased by 5%
  • Tempering Chance increased by 5%
  • Triumphant Crafting Chance increased by 5%
  • Taming Chance increased by 3%

Manastone Battles[]

Twice a week (per region), Riders can compete in Manastone Battles, the ultimate test of individual strength and group cohesion, where Riders will have the chance to prove themselves and compete to bring their groups fame and fortune.

Manastone Battle Participation:[]

To participate, you must either be in a Guild Alliance or join the Militia. PvP is for experienced Riders, so you must be Lv. 30 or higher to join a Manastone Battle and be eligible to receive the rewards.

Manastone Battle Schedule[]

  • Manastone Battles take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There will be a server announcement providing notification on when a Manastone Battle has begun.
  • Each Manastone Battle lasts 2 hours long and will begin and end at the following times:


Timezone Start Time End Time
UTC 1:00 AM (Wed/Sun) 3:00 AM (Wed/Sun)
Pacific Daylight Time: 6:00 PM (Tue/Sat) 8:00 PM (Tue/Sat)
Eastern Daylight Time: 9:00 PM (Tue/Sat) 11:00 PM (Tue/Sat)
Central European Summer Time: 3:00 AM (Wed/Sun) 5:00 AM (Wed/Sun)
Australian Eastern Standard Time: 11:00 AM (Wed/Sun) 1:00 PM (Wed/Sun)


Timezone Start Time End Time
UTC 6:00 PM (Tue/Sat) 8:00 PM (Tue/Sat)
Pacific Daylight Time: 11:00 AM (Tue/Sat) 1:00 PM (Tue/Sat)
Eastern Daylight Time: 2:00 PM (Tue/Sat) 4:00 PM (Tue/Sat)
Central European Summer Time: 8:00 PM (Tue/Sat) 10:00 PM (Tue/Sat)
Australian Eastern Standard Time: 4:00 AM (Wed/Sun) 6:00 AM (Wed/Sun)

How to Play a Manastone Battle:[]

  • The ultimate objective in a Manastone Battle is to loot and return the Vantara Manastone to Aramath, the Arcanum Mage. Aramath is located at both the Conqueror’s Gate and the Bloodmoon Camp.
  • After a countdown, the Manastone will appear in a random location within Exarahn Badlands.
  • Upon the start of the Manastone Battle, an event quest will be made available to all eligible Riders in the Exarahn Badlands. This quest can be obtained from Aramath as well.
  • When the Manastone spawns (its location will be displayed on your map), any Rider in an Alliance or the Militia can loot the Manastone.
  • A Rider who has looted the Manastone CANNOT mount a familiar, use items or attack other Riders and their move speed will be reduced. However, they will receive useful defensive buffs to assist them.
  • If a Rider carrying the Manastone is defeated by another Rider and dies, the Manastone is dropped and can be looted again by another Rider. If the Rider is intercepted and taken down too close to either Bloodmoon Camp or Conqueror’s Gate, the Manastone will spawn at a random location instead.

Winning a Manastone Battle[]

Once a Rider manages to return the Manastone to Aramath, that Rider’s Alliance or Militia wins! Winning teams have access to a variety of rewards, including a mark that allows you to tame the Alliance Stingray mount which can carry a total of 10 Riders!

Manastone Battle Rewards[]

( For a limited time (until September 7), every time you participate in a Manastone Battle during the event period, you’ll automatically receive the [Party] Manastone Interception quest that, once completed, will reward you with 70 Exarahn Coins (instead of the standard reward of 30 Exarahn Coins). Rewards for this quest must be obtained within 10 minutes after the completion of the Manastone Battle. The rewards will be obtained from an NPC named the Arbiter of Courage. He will appear next to Aramath after the conclusion of the Manastone Battle and will disappear after 10 minutes.

  • In addition to quest rewards there are also individual rewards and team rewards to be claimed after each Manastone Battle.
  • Individual rewards are awarded to Rider that successfully delivered the Manastone.
  • Team rewards are awarded to the winning Alliance or to the eligible guild members of the Militia member who delivered the Manastone.

Manastone Battle Guide[]

For a more comprehensive rundown on the rules and rewards for the Manastone Battles, please read the Battle Guide located in the “Riders Manual” section of the Riders of Icarus forums.

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