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Talents are additional passives that can be selected starting at level 20. Talents are widely varied and can give raw stats, reduce the cooldowns of skills or give skills additional affects. There are a total of 8 talent slots available with a new slot being unlocked at level 20 and every 5 levels after up to level 55. Below is a list of the talents available to the priest.

List of Talents[]

The talents available to the priest are split into three schools: Rebuke, Ward, and Faith.

Rebuke talents focus on increasing the Priest's damage and PvP capabilities.

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Heaven's Might
Heaven's Might 20 20 Reduces cast time of the affected skills by 10%. Heaven's Hammer Punishing Radiance
Divine Authority
Divine Authority 30 50 Reduces skill cooldown of the affected skills by 20% Righteous Authority Divine Power
Holy Flames
Holy Flames 35 300 Cohesion Veil summons two additional motes.

Increases the skill damage of Burning light by 35%

Cohesion Veil
Touch of the Gods
Touch of the Gods 40 400 Reduces skill cooldown by 25%.

Increases PvP attack power by 20%.

Enemies in range of Latent Light become trapped in the light, suffering a 50% move speed reduction and taking 165 damage every second for 10 seconds.

Punishing Radiance Holy Punishment
Sage's Fate
Sage's Fate 45 500 Successful attacks increase magic critical damage by 300 for 10 seconds.

Increases PvP defense by 20%.

Increases the skill damage of Tithes of Ellora by 50%. The skill also confuses enemies and increases your attack power by 30%

Heaven's Hammer Punishing Radiance
Chosen Warrior
Chosen Warrior 50 600 Increases skill damage by 50%.

Increases PvP defense by 10%.

Increases the skill damage of Heaven's Judgment by 20%. The skill also decreases enemy move speed and keeps enemies knocked down for 3 seconds longer.

Heaven's Hammer Punishing Radiance Holy Punishment

Ward talents focus on healing more and improving debuffs.

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Song of Vitality
Song of Vitality 20 20 Reduces the cast time of the affected skills by 10%. Salvation Repentant Bond
Sacred Oath
Sacred Oath 30 50 Reduces the skill cooldown of the affected skills by 20% Salvation Repentant Bond
Healing Wind
Healing Wind 35 300 Increases the amount healed of Healing Glow. When fully charged, heals an additional 10% of max health.

Burning Light also buffs all allies within range: physical and magic attack power +30%, cast time -20%.

Healing Glow
Ppower of Creation
Power of Creation 40 400 Restores 2% health every second for 5 seconds on the target. Reduces skill cooldown by 90 seconds.

Increases magic attack by 20%.

Latent Light temporarily increases evasion by 50% and move speed by 30% for all allies in range.

Protective Light
Old Soul
Old Soul 45 500 Increases the amount healed.

Increases move speed by 20%.

Reduces the cooldown of Tithes of Ellora by 5 seconds. Allies who attack enemies under the effects of this skill restore 0.5% health per hit.

Scepter of Life
Scepter of Life 50 600 When fully charged, activates a buff on target that increases amount healed by 10% for 5 seconds.

Increases magic critical rate by 5%.

Heaven's Judgment continuously heals 10% of the health of all allies in range.

Healing Glow

Faith talents focus on buffing the party and further helping deal maximum damage.

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Dazzling Light
Dazzling Light 20 20 Reduces the cast time of the affected skills by 10%. Lightstream
Sage's Oath
Sage's Oath 30 50 Reduces skill cooldown of the affected skills by 20% Lightstream Contrition
Inquisitor 35 300 Ellora's Marks decreases enemy attack and defense by 5% and move speed by an additional 2%.

Burning Light decreases the physical defense of enemies caught in it by 30% and stuns them.

Ellora's Marks
Unity 40 400 Increases the physical and magic attack of charmed enemies by 30%.

Increases magic defense by 20%.

Allies within range of Latent Light will gain critical rate + 20% and critical damage +500 for 40 seconds.

Repentant Bond
Sage's Blessing
Sage's Blessings 45 500 Increases skill damage by 50%.

Increases critical damage defense by 300.

Tithes of Ellora reduces enemy defenses by 50% and increase ally defenses by 30% for 15 seconds.

Confusion Explosion
Blessed by Ellora
Blessed by Ellora 50 600 Reduces skill cooldown by 20%.

Increases physical defense by 30%.

Heaven's Judgment increases the max health of allies in range by 20% and lasts 5 seconds longer.



When multiple talents from the same school of talents are placed consecutively on the talent page a synergy bonus is activated. The synergy bonus is cumulative and depends on the school and number of talents.

Synergy Bonus Table[]

Number of Synergy links Rebuke School Ward School Faith School
1 Willpower +20 Intelligence +50 Constitution +30
2 Willpower +30 Intelligence +70 Constitution +50
3 Willpower +50 Intelligence +90 Constitution +70
4 Break Willpower Limit Break Intelligence Limit Break Constitution Limit
5 Willpower +120 Intelligence +480 Constitution +400