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Priests are a ranged magic class and the only class able to heal other players. They are a support class, armed with a variety of ways to heal and buff him and his allies; this makes the Priest a crucial class in many dungeons and raids. As a consequence, the Priest is relatively fragile and lacks a lot of firepower. They are by no means defenseless though, as the very skills that support his allies can also be used to debuff and smite his foes.

Below are some highlights of the skills available to the Priest class.

Recommended Stats[]


Generated by some attacking skills, Motes are a staple resource for Priests. Merely having motes out provide the Priest with a defense and speed boost, but their usefulness goes far beyond this passive buff. They can be thrown at allies and himself to provide the very same buff with the addition of an increase in magic critical rate, as well as heal those hit. When thrown at enemies, it damages and staggers them, providing a debuff that makes them more vulnerable to attacks and slows them down. Some of the Priest's more powerful spells also require a certain amount of motes to be consumed in order to cast them. Proper usage of motes will ensure the survivability of his allies, as well as streamline many fights.

Motes flying around the Priest


Casting Healing Glow on an injured ally

As should be expected from a Priest, there are many healing tools available in the class' disposal. They can throw their motes at injured allies, shoot a burst of healing around him, and cast a buff that heals the recipient over time. Besides these methods, there are a few creative ways the Priest can heal those around him, including attacking enemies he inflicts with DPS spells.

Difficulty: Very Hard

This class commands powerful spells to assault enemies with the elements, stacking up powerful magical combos and relying on careful planning to survive.

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