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Level 35
Species Equine
Tamable Yes
Familiar Rank ★★★
Temperment Hostile
Taming Points 40
Mount Type Air
Seal Effects

All attributes 4 ~ 8

PvP Attack Rate 1.00% ~ 1.00%
Talent Pts 350


Taken from Bestiary In-Game

Creatures location on the map

Nightmare is one of Ellora's sacred guardians, created to bring balance to the world. Nightmare was believed to be lost until the return of Exarahn. However, many great minds are concerned by the stallion's presence as the other creatures of Exarahn seem to have suffered from exposure of dangerously unstable magical energy.

As a professional student of the ways of spacetime, here is my prognosis. Nightmare could be tamed, but only by someone with common hunter's gear lined with exarium ore to protect them from its magic. Though the price of this kind of armor is rising by the minute, I believe riding one of Ellora's greatest creations would be well worth the price.

― From Louiche's "Forgotten Familiars"


How to Tame[]

(Mounted picture: Nightmare)

You will need a full set of modest hunter PvP gear, as the five piece buff will allow you to be capable of taming this heroic mount. Modest hunter PvP gear can be obtained from lv35 elite Enigma Chests for Exarahan coins at bloodmoon camp. It can also be crafted using recipes from Conqueror's Gate. You can also kill the mine turtle, Karoneh, which can drop sets for Modest gear per class.

Its respawn time is 4 hours, normally found to spawn anywhere 220-250 meters up. It has several spawn points and will fly around its spawn point. It has 2 locations over the Bloodmoon Lake, 3 locations in the North Conqueror's Gate region, and roughly 4 locations over the Bleakwood Region.

Nightmare can be easily jumped onto as the HP of the mount does not have to be lowered, however be careful that the mount doesn't bug above max altitude. Nightmare is a required material for both Pyron and Roxinus energies. Used to create marks to tame Burning Roxinus and Cold Pyron.

Mount Details[]


Stat Value
Lv 1 Lv MAX
HP 1039 2714
Energy 2175 6055
Move Speed 10.00 10.00
Attack Speed 2.00 2.00
DPS 64 176
Physical Defense 276 668
Max Level 1 30


Ability Icon Name Unlocked Level Type Effect Cast Type Cooldown Cost Range Description
LegendaryAura.png Legendary Aura 1 Familiar (Passive) Revome all regional effects - - - - Mythical familiars can shrug off the environmental status effects of all regions.
MythicResilience.png Mythic Resilience 1 Familiar (Passive) PvP Attack Rate increased by 5% - - - - Increases PvP attack.
DarkSprint.png Dark Sprint 1 Familiar (Buff) Increases Move Speed by 20% for 20 sec. Instant 30 sec 30 Energy Melee Increases movement speed by 20% for 20 seconds.
EquineEndurance.png Equine Endurance 5 Familiar (Passive) Max EP increased by 6% - - - - Increases stamina.
ForefootSlam.png Forefoot Slam 5 Familiar (Attack) Stun active, 100-150 dmg Instant 25 sec 15 Energy 5.0m Slams the enemy to the ground with the familiars forefoot.
Might of the Horns.png Might of the Horns 10 Familiar (Attack) Stun active, 100-150 dmg Instant 30 sec 15 Energy 5.0m Deals a powerful attack with Nightmare's horns.

Sealing Details[]

Seal stones are items that turn tamed familiars into items in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or convert to talent points. Sealing Nightmare requires a heroic Seal Stone and grants the following bonuses:

Lv 1 Lv MAX
All Attributes 4 - 8 Level MAX
PvP Attack Rate 1.00% - 1.00% Level MAX

Converting Nightmare to Talent Power provides 350 Talent Points regardless of level.

Nightmare is used in the following recipes: