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Talents are additional passives that can be selected starting at level 20. Talents are widely varied and can give raw stats, reduce the cooldowns of skills or give skills additional affects. There are a total of 8 talent slots available with a new slot being unlocked at level 20 and every 5 levels after up to level 55. Below is a list of the talents available to the wizard.

List of Talents[]

The talents available to the magician are split into three schools: Magic, Chaos and Restrain.

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Applied Magic
Applied Magic 20 20 Reduces the cast time of the affected skill by 15%. Luminous Strike
Magical Luminance
Magical Luminance 30 50 Luminous Explosion: Triggers Force of Chaos

Force of Chaos  : Increases Overall Attack by 15% for 30 seconds.

Luminous Explosion
Magical Memory
Magical Memory 35 300 Binding Light: Triggers Magical Exchange for all nearby allies

Magical Exchange  : Recovers 2% health when attacking targets.
Chaos Field: Increases the Attack Power by 20% of all nearby allies for 30 seconds

Binding Light Chaos Field
Chaos and Magic
Chaos and Magic 40 400 Luminous Mastery: Enhances Magical Memory significantly

Magical Memory : Further adds 7% Magic Attack and reduces Cast Time by 4%.
Shield of Luminance: Restores 3% health on hit when attacking targets.

Luminous Mastery Shield of Luminance
Essence of Magic
Essence of Magic 45 500 Overflowing Chaos: Triggers Essence of Magic when used.

Essence of Magic : Recovers 5% health for all nearby allies every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
Increases Critical Damage Defense by 300.

Overflowing Chaos
Luminous Memory
Luminous Memory 50 600 Chaos Shield: Increases the duration by 2 seconds.

Increases Magic Defense by 30%
Chaotic Entropy: Deals 400% additional damage and recovers the health of nearby allies by 20%.

Chaos Shield Chaotic Entropy

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Binding Chaos
Binding Chaos 20 20 Reduces skill casting speed by 15%. Dark Arrow
Trapping Chaos
Trapping Chaos 30 50 Increases damage by 20%. Vacuum of Chaos
Magical Chaos
Magical Chaos 35 300 Dark Arrow: Deals 20% additional damage while Chaos Overlord is active.

Dark Arrow Barrage: Deals 20% additional damage.
Chaos Field: Deals 70% additional damage.

Dark Arrow Dark Arrow Barrage Chaos Field
Chaos Overflow
Chaos Overflow 40 400 Overflowing Chaos: Increases Magic Attack and Chaos Recovery by 10% and decreases Cast Time by 5%.

Shield of Luminance: Restores 5 Chaos on hit when attacking targets.

Overflowing Chaos Shield of Luminance
Breath of Chaos
Breath of Chaos 45 500 Chaos Lightning: Increases movement speed by 20%.

Eye of Chaos: Deals 500% additional damage.

Chaos Lightning Eye of Chaos
Chaotic Memory
Chaotic Memory 50 600 Beam of Chaos: Deals 30% additional damage.

Magic Critical Rate is increased by 5%
Chaotic Entropy: Deals 500% additional damage.

Beam of Chaos Chaotic Entropy

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Restraining Shadow
Restraining Shadow 20 20 Decreases the cost of Chaos by 5 Vacuum of Chaos
Bramble Restraints
Bramble Restraints 30 50 Dark Arrow and Dark Arrow Barrage: Applies Chaos Infiltration to the target hit.

Chaos Infiltration : Deals 10% damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. (Max 3 Stacks)

Dark Arrow Dark Arrow Barrage
Constricting Prison
Constricting Prison 35 300 Chaos Spheres: Pulls enemies within 3m towards the spheres.

Chaos Fields: Deals 50% additional damage based on the caster's Magical Attack.

Chaos Spheres
Mental Stress
Mental Stress 40 400 Shattering Chaos: Enemies hit are dazed for 1 second.

Increases PVP Attack Rate by 20%.
Shield of Luminance: Shield duration increased by 2 seconds.

Shattering Chaos
Binding Chains
Binding Chains 45 500 Chaos Lightning: The 3rd Combo renders the target dazed for 1 second when Chaotic Overflow is active.

Increases PVP Defense by 20%.
Eye of Chaos: Deals 450% additional damage and causes the target to be dazed.

Overflowing Chaos Chaos Lightning
Nightmarish Memory
Nighhtmarish Memory 50 600 Beam of Chaos: Enemies hit triggers Fractured Chaos on them.

Fractured Chaos: Deals 30% damage every second for 10 seconds.
Increases PVP Resistance by 10%.
Chaotic Entropy: Deals 450% additional damage and causes the targets to be terrified.

Beam of Chaos


When multiple talents from the same school of talents are placed consecutively on the talent page a synergy bonus is activated. The synergy bonus is cumulative and depends on the school and number of talents.

Synergy Bonus Table[]

Number of Synergy links Magic School Chaos School Restrain School
1 Constitution +20 Intelligence +50 Willpower +30
2 Constitution +30 Intelligence +70 Willpower +50
3 Constitution +40 Intelligence +90 Willpower +70
4 Break Constitution Limit Break Intelligence Limit Break Willpower Limit
5 Constitution +120 Intelligence +480 Willpower +400