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Level 27
Species Lion
Tamable Yes
Familiar Rank ★★
Temperment Hostile
Taming Points 15
Mount Type Ground
Seal Effects

Strength 4 ~ 7

Phys Crit Rate 1.00% ~ 1.00%
Talent Pts 115


Leorid is a tamable Elite enemy found within the Ruins of Matren instance up in the North-East corner of Hakanas Highlands. The player needs to possess a Brilliant Crystal in order to tame him.

Taken from Bestiary In-Game

Leorid location on the map

Leorid ruled the lands around Matren for centuries. It was not until the town was invaded by the great yeti Sinthan that his rule was challenged. Against their dark magic, Leorid was nothing more than a helpless animal, forced to flee for survival. Leorid disappeared into the wilds, no longer a king among beasts. Now he wanders, aimless and cruel, still searching for glory. The only time this researcher has seen him pacified was when the dark mage Zepello appeared with a brilliant crystal. Whatever magic the crystal held, it could prove key to taming the wandering king.

― Excerpt from an investigation into the Ruins of Matren


Leorid is found within the Ruins of Matren instance, in the top left part of the map, only on Heroic difficulty. You'll come to a split in the path after you've cleared through the first two ice barriers, take the left path. You'll also find an NPC named Radus in the same direction just hiding in a long since demolished building. There are 2 Leorid's that spawn in the area, as well as a lot of Dark Summoners and Frozen Zombie corpses that the summoners revive when you engage them. It's a good idea to try and clear out the entire area so you don't potentially run into any of the hostiles while attempting to tame either of the Leorid's.

How to Tame[]

(Mounted picture: Leorid)

In order to tame Leorid, the player must obtain a Brilliant Crystal. All of the bosses in the instance have a chance of dropping one, but Zepello and Frost Iren are only accessible on Elite difficulty or higher. Plus the higher the difficulty the better your chances are of a Brilliant Crystal dropping. As mentioned, there are always 2 Leorid's available for taming one in the left corner and the other in the right.

Mount Details[]


Stat Value
Level 1 Level 30
HP 1125 4387
Energy 580 1392
Move Speed 7.00
Attack Speed 2.00
DPS 39 170
Physical Defense 252 839
Max Level 30


Ability Icon Name Unlocked Level Max Skill Level Type Effect Cast Type Cooldown Cost Range Description
GreaterColdResistance.png Greater Cold Resistance 1 1 Familiar (Passive) - - - - - Resists the cold weather of the middle regions of Parna's Coast.
RagingRoar.png Raging Roar 1 1 Familiar (Buff) Increases Attack Speed by 30.00% for 10sec. Instant 30 sec. 10 Melee Invigorates you, increasing attack speed for 10 seconds.
MaddeningRoar.png Maddening Roar 1 5 Familiar (Attack) Afflicts Stun for 2 sec. - 3 sec. Cast 2 sec. 60 sec. 20 2.5m Roars at the target.
ShredArmor.png Shred Armor 5 6 Familiar (Attack) Afflicts Stun for 1 sec. Instant 45 sec. 15 3.0m Leaps at an enemy to rend their armor. 30% - 80% chance to stun them.
BrilliantAura.png Brilliant Aura 5 6 Familiar (Passive) Health increased by 5.00% - 20.00%. - - - - Increases health.
FuriousStrikes.png Furious Strikes 10 4 Familiar (Attack) Afflicts Stun for 1 sec - 3 sec. Cast 1.5 sec. 60 sec. 0 2.5m Unleashes 3 powerful strikes on the enemy.

Sealing Details[]

Seal stones are items that allow you to seal tamed familiars in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or used to give talent points. When you seal this mount away with a seal stone in order to use it on equipment enhancing, you get these stats:

Lv 1 Lv 30
Strength 4-7 19-22
Physical Critical Rate 1.00% - 1.00% 1.97% - 1.96%

And when you use the sealing stone to get talent points you get: Talent Power: 115

5x sealed Leorids are used in crafting a Lunafont Mark.

7x sealed Leorids are used in crafting a Hameon Mark.