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Hadakhan's Underground Labyrinth Update banner.jpg

This dungeon was added after the maintenance on 27th February 2019.


"Forgotten was the Golden Age of Hakanas, Hadakhan - The king of Exarahn Kingdom was the one to lead his people to the Golden Age 2000 years ago, all was flourished and everything was advancing rapidly, but all of it changed when they were invaded by the Imperial Legion, it was chaos and nightmares. It was at that invasion that brought the catalyst for the Golden Age to reach its inevitable end, amongst the invasion the king’s son was killed, that brought great discomfort to King Hadkhan, he became desperate, twisted, and corrupted hearing and reliving his son’s death amongst all others and that lead him to make questionable decisions which greatly crippled the kingdom.

Amongst those decision is to make an underground laboratory hidden inside a labyrinth. In the labyrinth was criminals – the worst of the worst – locked inside, all of them were for the laboratory experiments – orders from the King himself just to resurrect his son – most of it are inhumane and was kept a secret from the outside, but echoes are heard. Now the criminals are breaking out, twisted and mutated just like the lost king’s desires. Defend and withstand the corruption that seeks out for the lands of Hakanas. Silence the Echoes of Hakanas."

Guideline through the Dungeon[]

Will you join us and discover new things down below of Baellas Library? Come forth, the heroes of the land is here! A battle to protect one another, helping each other to defeat the monsters that has been kept all these years underground, to see what can we more discover to this new Dungeon.

Go to Hakain’s Crossing once you’re there go inside the Hakanas Castle – go left upstairs into the solo instance area.

Locating Master Yulnus for HU.png

Once you’re inside Hakana’s Castle go upstairs and talk to Master Yulnus – Master Yulnus is near King Ronfrain III, well if you can’t find him.

Master Yulnus for HU.png

When you’re talking to Master Yulnus don’t forget to take the Quest Underground Labyrinth Investigation. (Note: This Quest can only be done once a day.)

Underground Labyrinth Investigation HU.png

After Taking the Quest, a Quest Completion Icon will appear in your Map, it is Located in front of Baellas Library, just outside Hakanas Castle, near the Courtyard! Convinient!

Baellas Library for HU.png

Once there you need to talk to San Garlen – San Garlen is near a street sign located in front of Baellas Library.

San Garlen for HU.png

Once that Quest is Completed you should receive the following Rewards:

  • EXP: 1,102,181
  • Currency: 8 Gold, 27 Silver, 41 Copper

He also has other quests that can be taken and can only be finished when you run the dungeon.

Here are the other quests as follows:

Darkness Looming Over Hakanas – Repeateable

Darkness Looming Over Hakanas – Repeateable for HU.png

The rewards are as follows:

  • EXP: 5510908
  • Currency: 8 Gold, 27 Silver, 41 Copper
  • Items: Ancient Stone Glyph (10)

King Hadakhan’s Monsters – Repeateable

King Hadakhan’s Monsters – Repeateable for HU.png

The rewards are as follows:

  • EXP: 6061998
  • Currency: 8 Gold, 27 Silver, 41 Copper
  • Items: Gredis Token of Punishment

Commander of the Undead – Repeateable

Commander of the Undead – Repeateable for HU.png

The rewards are as follows:

  • EXP: 6061998
  • Currency: 8 Gold, 27 Silver, 41 Copper
  • Items: Zelnaris Craft Material Package

After completing the quest, a Portal should appear inside Baellas Library:

Portal for HU.png

To find the portal you must walk towards left. (Follow the screenshots)

Finding the Portal for HU 1.png
Finding the Portal for HU 2.png

from the entrance of Baellas Library, just near a book case there must be an open door there,

Finding the Portal for HU 3.png
Finding the Portal for HU 4.png

Upon nearing the portal and entering the dungeon you will be asked to select the default difficulty

Dungeon Menu for HU.png Dungeon info menu for HU.png

Notice that the Ideal Party Size is 6, although suggested, you may still go in below 6 Players – only if you think that you’re really strong enough.

However, you must be careful since Hadakhan’s Underground Labyrinth can be unforgiving in terms of the hordes of enemies that you will face inside the dungeon.

Inside the dungeon HU.png

Once inside the dungeon you will be greeted by the initial Investigation Team. Informing you of how awful their expedition went, but of course you, the chosen ones, should be able to ease the Echoes of Hakanas.

Note: There are no noticeable Shops inside the dungeon however sometimes a shop might appear once you are actually running the dungeon; I fully recommend you to have your inventory at most to be clear.

The most noticeable NPC inside the entrance of the dungeon is the Mender – Fleur, she will cure you of your dire wounds.

Fleur mender for HU.png

Also please pay attention to Engineer Finny!

Engineer Finny for HU.png

She will tell you that the door will not be open once the enemies are hording towards you! So please dying will not be an option.

Engineer Finny text for HU.png

On the right side of the entrance you will see the gates, there you may enter with your party and will be able to start the dungeon run!

Gate for HU.png

Once you’ve entered the gates, you need to go to the center and activate the crystal! Then and there will you start the dungeon.

Entrance for HU.png

Hadakhan's Underground Labyrinth[]

Well what’s the objective you ask? It’s simple, you just need to stay alive, kill the enemies and most importantly keep the Crystal from getting destroyed. Easy enough huh? Good luck.

Note that there are different Crystals per Day, of course it will be on UTC. So it goes like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Moon Crystal HU.jpg Flame Crystal HU.jpg Water Crystal HU.jpg Tree Crystal HU.jpg Gold Crystal HU.jpg Earth Crystal HU.jpg Sun Crystal HU.jpg
Moon Crystal Flame Crystal Water Crystal Tree Crystal Gold Crystal Earth Crystal Sun Crystal

There are slight variations when you encounter the crystals.

There are 5 rounds of pure torture to those unworthy to defend the Crystal, every round consists of a set amount of time where you will be needed to defend the Crystal and every end of round you will be given a 60 seconds AKA a minute break, you may use this to time to prepare for the next round.

Also some NPC may appear inside the dungeon which helps or at least sort of helps, some of them – just want to chat!

Greedy Man menu HU.png Nota menu HU.png

Here are the monsters inside the dungeon that you might face:


  • Gredis the of Deadlands


  • Bishop Kashiku
  • Blaus
  • Erega
  • Herd Leader Buropu
  • Rotte


  • Armored Jackal
  • Corrupted Ashwood
  • Cursed Grave Robbers
  • Fallen Legion Magi
  • Labyrinth Necromancer
  • Labyrinth Werewolf
  • Mighty Skeleton
  • Possessed Girl

Here are some of the possible loots/drops of the monsters inside the dungeon:

  • MacBain Coin
  • Mythical-Exclusive Tempering Stone
  • Zelnaris’s Soul Stone
  • Zelnaris Craft Material Package

Note: All of these are technically dropping but needless to say I just want to warn you that all of these do not drop all at once, it still boils up to chance/RNG.

Wiki Note: Since the recent level 70 update patch, the possible loots / drops within this dungeon has changed!!!
Below are examples of some loot / drops after the level 70 update patch:

  • Rayne Moon-Gate's Stone of Purification
  • Hadakhan's Turimnan Mark Collection
  • Time-worn Weapon Lucky Box
  • Time-worn Accessory Lucky Box
  • Complex Legendary Transcending Stone
  • Hadakhan's Turimnan Material Collection
  • Mysterious Fragment
  • Noble Spirit
  • Ornate Familiar EXP Potion
  • Adamantium Alloy
  • Obsolete Exarahn Gold Ingot

Here is a list of all possible drops.

Also have I mentioned that the last enemy will be Gredis, and on his side is a powerful General. YIKES!

With all of that information given, there will surely be 2 possible endings:

  • If you find yourself losing because the Crystal is destroyed (let’s face it you might need a better strategy or class line up, or just maybe go ahead and have a party of 6 players), you will be teleported near the entrance of the dungeon Immediately, and NO, you cannot go back, you need to wait for like 12 hours to run the dungeon again.
  • But if you find yourself miraculously winning you will be rewarded handsomely well of course if you finish San Garlen’s quests and from the loots themselves.

Well that’s where the guide ends, hope I see you run the dungeon and actually conquering it. Coz it’s worth it! Good luck and have fun Riders!

Hadakhan's Hidden Treasure Room[]

If you succeed in defending the Earth crystal, Hadakhan's Hidden Treasure Room transit shrine will appear. This leads to a room that currently does not contain anything, in order to escape this room, you will have to use your recall stone as there is no portal or shrine within the room.

Hadakhan's Hidden Treasure Room transit shrine HU.png Hadakhan's Hidden Treasure Room HU.png
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