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Familiar Synthesis is a system that allows you to obtain a higher-grade familiar by combining lower-grade familiars.

Synthesizing familiars[]

Familiar Synthesis requires a minimum of two familiars to be used as materials in the process. A familiar must reach its maximum level and not wear any equipment in order to be eligible for use. Additionally, there are some familiars that simply cannot be synthesized at the moment, such as any Legendary+ grade familiar, Tagris, Traes, Cragoyle and Winstein.

Familiar Synthesis button2.png

How to synthesize a familiar:

  1. Press the Synthesis button in the Familiar Info window to open the Familiar Synthesis window.
  2. Right-click on the familiars that you wish to use as materials or drag and drop them into the empty slots and press the Synthesize button.

After adding your desired familiars into the Synthesis window, the system will display the possible grades of the familiar that will result from that fusion and how much gold it costs.

Synthesis completed.png

When the synthesis is completed, all the familiars used as materials disappear and the newly obtained one will be added to your familiar inventory, while also being automatically registered in your Familiar Bestiary.
At the moment, the synthesis results are determined by the following aspects:

  • the grade of the familiars
  • the number of familiars used
  • the maximum level of the familiars

Synthesis process gif2.gif

Below is a list of all the familiars that can be obtained through synthesis:

Common (1) Elite (2) Heroic (3) Legendary (4) Legendary (5) Legendary (6) Legendary (7)
Nightmare Everbloom Gorilla Blue Diaguul Rampaging Aquavrios Ethereal Daerytas Ancient Magnatu Golden Torkai
Ignis Hound Cold-Tusk Karasha the Dark One Cragoyle Radiant Ahnturagen Ancient Veldon Puff the Magic Dragon
Ravine Webwalker Pritsha the Cannibal Prismatic Ashtail Ancient Matura Radiant Karon Ancient Caspert D.R.A.G.O.N. Mk-II
Gray Wolf Armored Pegasus Panos Awakened Torkai Radiant Aidus Kravel of Chaos The Nautilus
Patula the Rotund Magma Hound Golden Laiku Burning Roxinus Jamirot Danzelion of Courage Kachio the Moon's Messenger
Kellwoods Reindeer Crimson Laiku Silver Laiku Cold Pyron Vylis Danzelion of Wisdom Dreamsnacher
Armored Thunderhawk Black Wind Ocean Kaliart Traes Traes Furious Antares VALOFE - D.R.A.G.O.N.
Meadow Caribou Stingfly Lightning Kaliart Giant Taisha Tagris Benevolent Antares VALOFE - V.I.O.N.
Denbasaur Kissan Plush Letonsia Infernal Hestine Karon Jamirot F.E.N.R.I.S. Prototype
Aliba Pale Dragon Plush Snow Wolf Plush Garilon Crusader Redfeather Hatchling Vylis Time-Lost Baltrow
Warrior Bear Light Dragon Kahiru Veiled Amethyst Tekanin Mecha Poyo Hameon Roikubo
Fierce Buffalo Kunos Awakened Poyo Lovely Poyo Gredious Midnight Kargyle Mecha Cat
Piyo Hilber Shadow Courser Mecha Poyo Veiled Malachite Dragon Tagris Lunar The Gerbil
Giantclaw Scorpion Gurion Kraken Ethereal Daerytas Garilon Exalted Wrath Wyvern Io The Gerbil
Grob Golden Kibaren Lagosha Gredious Gilded Infernal Demoroth Lunar The Gerbil Eupa The Gerbil
Rutesh the Mighty Golden Wings Abras Void Letonsia Veiled Malachite Dragon Mecha Calypto Io The Gerbil Radiant Aquavrios
Lavashell Tortoise Taslan the Devourer Terror Kerav Garilon Cragoyle Eupa The Gerbil Corrupted Benotien
Emberstone Flamecrest Skytear Matios of Gale Soaring Karasha Scarlet Narnis Rune Golem Traes
War Horse Ruby Bloodwyrm Femuto Torkai Rampaging Aquavrios Rodesh the Cruel Nebula the Chaos
Laiku Blue Bloodwyrm Karresh Shakiba Ancient Matura Radiant Aquavrios Radiant Ahnturagen
Bonecrusher Solar Bloodwyrm Chanus Corrupted Benotien Giant Taisha Radiant Taisha Torkai
Tetra Indigo Bloodwyrm Trinoceros Runelon Infernal Hestine Veiled Amethyst Tekanin Shakiba
Akrat Elephant Phantom Bloodwyrm Dredrum Rodesh the Cruel Plush Garilon Mecha Poyo Roikubo Hatchling
Ashtail Phoenix Akhillo Longhorn Bajarn Pogviang Veiled Amethyst Tekanin Corrupted Benotien Radiant Taisha
Brakarr Gallant Taiwa Lunafont Lovely Poyo Winstein Ancient Magnatu
Chabbit Clever Toro Magnatu Torkai Awakened Taisha Ancient Veldon
Panther Prowler Bajanin Veldon Shakiba Alpha Nalrys Ancient Caspert
Meadow Bear Atan Terrible Pyludd Awakened Taisha Torkai Kravel of Chaos
Sand Spider Berit Void Kargyle Alpha Nalrys Shakiba Danzelion of Courage
Venomous Scorpion Karnin Elicuno Pogviang Pogviang Danzelion of Wisdom