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You can access the Familiar Adventure system by looking up the Adventure Bulletin Board.

Familiar Adventure Bulletin Board 1.png

At this time, you can select from 4 different regions with a total of 10 different areas to send your familiars. Familiar Adventure allows you to select up to 3 MAX level familiars and send them on an adventure. When they have successfully completed their adventure and return, it will provide you with rewards based on the adventure. These rewards include items such as Familiar EXP boost, Familiar Coins and even Heroic Refining Stones.

Familiar Adventure Map 1.png

Rewards are also dependent on the adventure difficulty you choose.

The time that the familiar adventure takes depends on the quality of adventure:

  • Common adventures last 3 hours
  • Elite adventures last 6 hours
  • Heroic lasts for 12 hours.

Heroic adventures yield the highest value items as rewards.

Initiating a Familiar Adventure requires you spend both Gold and Adventure Points. You can find the amount of Adventure Points a familiar has by viewing your familiars's stats. You have a limited number of Adventure Points that can be used per day, but 30% of your total Adventure Points are replenished daily at 4:00 AM UTC.

You can spend Gold or Elluns to end a familiar’s adventure early and receive the rewards they have acquired up to that point.

While your familiar is off during an Adventure, the familiar will be unavailable for you to use and does not receive EXP. However, the amount of time taken up can be reduced by using Adventure Boosters or sending them to the familiar’s natural region. Sending a familiar to its natural region will also provide you with more rewards.

After a successful adventure is completed, a cooldown restriction is applied to that area, but the cooldown can be reset using gold.

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