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Party up with Riders across all the servers in your region (North America or Europe) to challenge the dungeons in Riders of Icarus! Find a group faster, clear more dungeons, grab more loot, and bond with more of your fellow Riders with the Cross-Server Dungeon Finder.

The Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby is a way for Riders to form parties for any dungeon, including legendary dungeons, Attaius Peak, and Gustling Isle with Riders from other servers in their region (North America or Europe).

Transit Shrines can be found near each dungeon and in Hakain's Crossing that will take players to the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby associated with that dungeon. The Hakain's Crossing Transit Shrine allows Riders to select their lobby.

Cross Server Dungeon Transit shire.jpg

After taking the Transit Shrine to the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby, Riders can use the Transit Shrines to select a different Lobby:

  • Levels 15 to 25 (Carleon Mansion, Lavalight Cave, and Ruins of Matren)
  • Levels 35 to 40 (The Breach, Cavern of the Veil, The Frost Keep and Lair of Ienos [Lair of Ienos remains a solo dungeon])
  • Level 50 (Temple of Sands, Fortress of Sorrows)
  • Raid Dungeon lobby (Attaius Peak and Gustling Isle)
    • Riders who wish to enter Legendary Carleon Mansion, Lavalight Cave, and Ruins of Matren will need to enter via the Level 15 to 25 Lobby.
  • Riders can use the Cross-Server Party Board or invite players within the Lobby to their party. You can find the Cross-Server Party Board by clicking the Social button in the menu bar and then clicking 'Find Party'
  • Once the party is formed, you may head into the dungeon portal found in the lobby
  • Mailbox, Trading, Market broker, and Add Friend features cannot be used in the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby

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