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The Two Combat Modes[]

Action Standard
Action mode is where you have a crosshair all the time and is suited for melee classes.

Assassin, Berserker, and Guardian are melee classes.

Standard mode is more for ranged classes and where you have a mouse visible at all times

Priest, Wizard, and Ranger are ranged classes.

Mounted Combat[]

There's mounted combat as well, where one can fight while riding a familiar both in the air and on the ground. You get 2 weapons for mounted combat as the story progresses - a spear and a crossbow - as well as skills which can be used while mounted. Both weapons and skills can be used in the same manner whether on a ground or flying familiar.

For mounted combat your stats and class determine your dps. So priest would do little damage but would last longer be able to heal. An assassin would do lots of damage but would have to use potions or eat food to replenish health.

Energy Points[]

Mounts also use up energy while traveling or fighting. Never fear, since potions can be used to refill their energy in or out of combat.

However, once a mounts energy is all used up, they will be de-summoned. The mount will regain their energy slowly over time or you can use an energy potion to instantly re-energize them.


Health is very important to all adventurers. When one is defeated in battle, they will be forced to resurrect with certain debuffs, which decrease movement as well as overall combat ability.

Offense (DPS)[]

Damage per second (DPS) is calculated based on either physical or magical attack, as well as the attack speed. It is the average of the maximum and minimum attack divided by the attack speed. ((Max attack + Min attack) / 2) / (seconds per attack) = Damage/second (DPS)

For instance a level 8 assassin with 76~108 physical attack power will have an average physical attack of 92. Since the attack speed of twin daggers is 0.88 seconds for every attack, the overall DPS is 104.54. This number is rounded down, and the final DPS of the assassin is 104.

The two ways to increase DPS are either to decrease attack speed (which seems constant) or to increase physical or magical attack. For the latter, tempering and gaining stronger items with specific stats will increase attack and DPS. Make sure that the stats chosen are compatible with the class. Putting points into strength would be useless for a wizard, who only has magical attack, and not physical attack.

Physical Attack[]

Increasing DPS seems to increase the damage done with skills. However, more research needs to be done on this matter.

Magic Attack[]

It is uncertain if increasing magic attack, and hence DPS, increases the damage of skills. If anyone has more insight, please include your knowledge here.


Base Defense[]

An adventurers defense is split up into two categories, physical and magical, which deal with the physical and magical attacks from enemies. These defenses will mitigate the amount of damage enemies will do. For instance, a level 8 hunter with ~180 physical defense will only be hit by 55% damage that the enemy would originally have given.

This may only be true for same-level enemies. Whether it runs true for easier or harder enemies is currently under investigation.

― Ancalegon

Critical Defense[]



Secondary Bar[]


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