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Cavern of the Veil Map

Cavern of the Veil Entrance

Boulder blocking tunnel

Cavern of the Veil is the fourth dungeon along on your travels and it is sometimes abbreviated to CoV. You can find this dungeon in Parna's Coast, south of Blasphemer's Swamp. You can obtain various items from this dungeon such as the corrupt set for your class. The dungeon itself can be confusing at times as it is set in an underwater way.

Upon entering Cavern of the Veil, you will find that your are in a tunnel, follow the tunnel in which you will encounter various Agul type of monsters and Runurata. You can choose to either fight the monsters or run through to the end of the tunnel where you will reach a boulder blocking the tunnel. Attack the boulder to destroy it and gain access to Cult Barracks, the first main area.

Cult Barracks[]

Once you've entered the Cult Barracks area you will notice that there is a variety of monsters within this area. There are three dome like structures, in the middle dome structure you will find Killian who is a mini boss. Killian may drop the item Merumi Tears needed to tame the Abyssal Coatra as do the various bosses found in Cavern of the Veil. The Lahav's can be found in both Elite and Heroic difficulties. The Abyssal Coatra can only be found in the Heroic difficulty near the middle dome on the right side. You can choose to defeat all the monsters within this area or you can run through this area and defeat Killian. You must defeat Killian in order to progress to the next area - Main Waterway.

Cavern of the Veil Killian.png Cavern of the Veil Lahav.png Cavern of the Veil Abyssal Coatra.png
Killian a mini boss There are a number of Lahav's within the Cult Barracks Abyssal Coatra can be found next to the middle dome

Main Waterway[]

This is the second main area of Cavern of the Veil and consists of a series of interconnected tunnels with various switches with operate doors. There are various monsters scattered throughout the tunnels and you will have to defeat them as they will get in the way of activating the switches to open the doors. You will start at the South Gate Control where you will find a switch in a room to the left. Once activated, there will be a short cutscene which will show you which door was opened. Continue through the opened door to the next switch and so on till you have opened the Star switch which will give you access to the final area of Cavern of the Veil.

Cavern of the Veil Waterway Switch.png Cavern of the Veil Cutscene 1.png Cavern of the Veil Cutscene 2.png
Waterway Switch Cutscene will show which symbol on the door has opened Opened door

It is random as to which switches you will have to activate. If the doors with either Square or Diamond are opened, you will find the mini boss Skallion in the East Gate Control. Skallion may drop the recipe for the mark to tame Lahav. If the door with the cresent moon is opened, you will find another mini boss Zenkit in the Central Gate Control. Below is a map to highlight where each of the doors are.

Cavern of the Veil Skallion.png Cavern of the Veil Zenkit.png Cavern of the Veil Waterway switches.png
Skallion in the East Gate Control Zenkit in the Central Gate Control Map of the Waterway door symbols

Radan's Shrine[]

Frost Sprouts

Once you have opened the star door, you will find another tunnel which leads to Radan's Shrine. If you are attempting the dungeon in Heroic difficulty, you will find frost sprouts used for crafting.

Upon entering the area there will be a quest to save Chapley and you will have 15 mins do to so. You will notice zealots that are aggro but do not attack you when you run past them as you make your way to the alter in order to save Chapley. Once you have saved Chapley, the zealots that did not attack before will rush to attack you. If you are having trouble saving Chapley, try clicking on the circle on the ground where Chapley is tied to while in Standard Mode.

Cavern of the Veil Altar.png Cavern of the Veil Saving Chapley.png Cavern of the Veil Zelots attacking.png
Altar where Chapley is about to be sacrificed Saving Chapley Zealots attacking !!!

Once you have saved Chapley, make your way up along either the left or right side to face Ankelion and Radan's Eye. At first you are faced with Ankelion, she has a variety of attacks as well as summoning followers while in battle. Once Ankelion has lost alot of HP, Radan's Eye will awaken and Ankelion will have regenerated. At this point you will have to be aware of Ankelion attacking you aswell as the various summonings of followers and agul.

Cavern of the Veil Ankelion.png Cavern of the Veil Radans Eye.png
Ankelion Radan's Eye

Ankelion's attacks:

  • Frozen Scatter shot - This attack involves Ankelion sending out three arrows, it is best to try and avoid the arrows.
  • Steel Barrage - This involves Ankelion shotting arrows up in the air which then fall into a circle telegraph on the floor. This Attack will knock down your character. When you see the circle telegraph, move out of that circle to avoid the attack.
  • Final Struggle - This attack involves Ankelion sending out a red wave of high damage over a large area around Ankelion. This is normally triggered when Ankelion's HP is at 20%. You can either use a shield type skill or escape to the far edges of the area to avoid the damage.

Radan's Eye attacks:

  • Stern Look - This attack will silence your character and prevent you from casting attacks.