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Carleon Manor
Region ?
Minimum Level ?
Tamable Familiars (Heroic Only) ?
Final Boss ?
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Dungeon Explanation: The Carleon Manor dungeon is a lvl. 15-25 dungeon that consists of five areas and two tamable familiars.

Story Mode: Player may only access the Great Hall. Elite/Heroic: You have access to all three hallways. Open any door.

Can Obtain the Cursed Set pieces from any of the bosses


Manor Courtyard[]

Description: Kimmens patrols in the front courtyard he drops the key. You will use this key to access one of the three hallways of your group's choice. Each hallway is guarded by two [Creature name]. Down the paths left and right, packs of Vampire Bats with a single Elder Vampire Bat roam.

Optional Bosses: Keadin, located at the Dour Stables left of the entrance to the instance.

Tamable Familiars: Black Wind (Elite), Blood Destrier (Elite)

Banquet Hall[]

Description: The Banquet Hall is the leftmost hall of the manor. The stables are beside it.

Optional Bosses: Gustav

Tamable Familiars: None

Manor Chambers[]

Description: This is the hallway rightmost of the courtyard.

Optional Bosses: LeBrand

Tamable Familiars: None

Great Hall[]

Description: This is the hallway in the center of the courtyard.

Boss: Count Carleon

Optional Bosses: None

Tamable Familiars: None

Dour Stables[]

The Dour Stables are on the left side of the Manor and will contain one Blood Destrier on story mode, two on elite, and two on heroic. The Dour Stables will also contain Black Wind when the dungeon is played on Heroic difficulty, in addition to the Blood Destriers.

Tamable Familiars: Blood Destrier, Black Wind