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Talents are additional passives that can be selected starting at level 20. Talents are widely varied and can give raw stats, reduce the cooldowns of skills or give skills additional affects. There are a total of 8 talent slots available with a new slot being unlocked at level 20 and every 5 levels after up to level 55. Below is a list of the talents available to the Berserker.

List of Talents[]

The talents available to the Berserker are split into three schools: Combat, Savagery and Might.

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Endless Onslaught
Endless Onslaught 20 20 Reduces skill cooldown by 20% Shoulder Charge Follow-up Strike
Wings of Valor
Wings of Valor 30 50 Increases skill attack power by 10% Fury Thrust Follow-up Strike Whirling Blade
Combat Power
Combat Power 35 300 A successful sideway slash during Assault Complex reduces all skill cooldowns by 7% and increases destabilizing chance by 25%. Double Slash Shoulder Charge Follow-up Strike
Battle Knowledge
Battle Knowledge 40 400 Successful attacks create an additional 20 rage.

Increases physical defense by 20%.

Increases the attack power of Raging Strike by 20%, reduces its cooldown by 10%, and destabilizes the enemy.

Double Slash Shoulder Charge Follow-up Strike
Heart of a Warrior
Heart of a Warrior 45 500 A successful defense creates 30 rage.

Increases critical damage defense by 300.

Reduces the cooldown of Brutal Charge by 5 seconds and destabilizes the target. Cooldown modifiers are calculated off the shortened, not the original, cooldown time.

Blade Block
Berserker's Soul
Berserker's Soul 50 600 Increases skill attack power by 100%

Increases magic defense by 30%

Increases the skill attack power of Massacre by 50% and reduces its cooldown by 20%.

Gust Cut

Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Boundless Rage
Boundless Rage 20 20 Increases your critical rate by 10% and move speed by 10%

Successful attacks increases your rage by 10 for 7 seconds.

Unquenchable Wrath
Unquenchable Wrath 30 50 Increases skill attack power by 15% Leaping Slash Mortal Blow
War God
War God 35 300 Successful attacks make enemies bleed for 30% of your attack every second for 3 seconds

Assault Complex creates 30 rage when used

Leaping Slash Mortal Blow Follow-up Strike
Aura of Doom
Aura of Doom 40 400 Increases physical critical rate and move speed based on the stage of your Blood Madness. Blood Madness charges faster.

Increases PvP attack power by 20%

Enhances Raging Strike, so that successful attacks reduce enemy physical attack by 5% for each stack of Adrenal Overdrive for 10 seconds.

Follow-up Strike
Will for Battle
Will for Battle 45 500 Reduces skill cooldown by 20%.

Grants a resistance buff when you use a fully charged skill and your health is less than 50%. Does not work with Gust Cut.

Increases PvP defense by 20%

Increases the attack power of Brutal Charge by 30%

Rising Cutter Thunderous Kick
Bloodbath 50 600 Reduces skill cooldown by 30%.

Increases PvP defense by 10%.

Enhances Massacre so that you can use Slaughter when your health is below 50%.


Icon Name Level




Description Affected Skills
Heavy Blade
Heavy Blade 20 20 Increases skill attack power by 5% when skills are fully charged Rising Cutter (Max) Thunderous Kick (Max) Brute (Max) Triple Slash
Tenacity 30 50 Increases buff duration by 10 seconds. Unending Courage
God of Destruction
God of Destruction 35 300 At charge stage 1, successful attacks increase critical by 5% for 5 seconds. At full charge, successful attacks increase critical rate by 10% for 5 seconds.

Increases the attack power of Assault Complex's sideway slash by 40%.

Rising Cutter (Max) Thunderous Kick (Max) Brute (Max) Triple Slash
Powerful 40 400 Fully charged attacks increase move speed by 2%. Stacks up to 5 times.

Increases physical attack by 20%

Increases Raging Strike strike down damage by 150% on stunned enemies.

Rising Cutter (Max) Thunderous Kick (Max) Brute (Max) Triple Slash
Vanguard 45 500 Increases skill attack power by 50%.

Increases attack power by 40% when behind enemies.

When using Brutal Charge, successful hits create an additional 30 rage and critical hits activate Adrenal Overflow.

Leaping Slash Mortal Blow
Juggernaut 50 600 Increases Adrenal Overflow duration by 10 seconds.

Increases physical critical rate by 5%.

During Massacre, successful attacks intimidate enemies. You'll get 50 rage after the last hit.

Adrenal Overflowing


When multiple talents from the same school of talents are placed consecutively on the talent page a synergy bonus is activated. The synergy bonus is cumulative and depends on the school and number of talents.

Synergy Bonus Table[]

Number of Synergy links Combat School Savagery School Might School
1 Constitution +20 Dexterity +30 Strength +50
2 Constitution +30 Dexterity +50 Strength +70
3 Constitution +40 Dexterity +70 Strength +90
4 Break Constitution Limit Break Dexterity Limit Break Strength Limit
5 Constitution +120 Dexterity +400 Strength +480