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The Auction[edit | edit source]

The Auction is another form to buy and sell goods at a price you want. Each item in the game will have a value that you can sell to NPC Merchants. With the Auction, you can make the price more than what the item is worth, you can put it up in the Auction in hopes of someone buying it.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The first available auction managers are in Hakanas Crossing. There is also an Auction manager in Kellwoods (Hakanas Highlands), There is one located at Fort Baellas (Sea of Hakanas).

Selling[edit | edit source]

To sell an item you have in your inventory, walk up to an Auction manager. When the Auction window pop opens, click on the Sell tab. From there, drag or right-click the item you wish to sell. Your item should replace the empty box. Below your item, you'll want to enter in the price you wish to sell it for. Keep in mind that there is a fee for putting your item in the Auction, Once you are set, click Register, and you item is now listed on the right to show thats its inside the Auction house.

Note: Remember, you are entering in an Individual Price, and not an exact price. (Ex. You want to sell 10 Seal Stones for 1 Gold all together. In the Individual price, you'll enter in 10 Silver.)

Buying[edit | edit source]

Once you have the Auction opened up, there is a search bar on the top-right if you know what you are looking for. (Keep in mind that the way you spell it matters, especially the first letter of the name MUST be capitalized.) There are many ways to narrow down the item you want. On the top, you can select the page to show: Most Recent, Low to High Price, High to Low Price. On the left side, there are many ways to narrow it down from Weapon Type, Armor Type, Potions, Familiars, etc. A lot is on the market, just got to find the right item with the right price.

Cost to open up Auction Slots[edit | edit source]

Below is the cost of adding auction slots

Auction Slot Current Cost Ellun.png Ellun Cost Ellun.png Ellun Prior to 09/02/2021 maintenance.
6 3 5
7 7 10
8 10 15
9 14 20
10 17 25
11 21 30
12 21 30
13 21 30
14 21 30
15 21 30
16 21 30
17 21 30
18 21 30
19 21 30
20 21 30
Total Ellun.png Ellun 261 375

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