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Assassins are nimble warriors, soaring in to deliver a lethal chain of killing blows and aerial combos before disappearing to a safe distance. They capitalize on fast-paced chains of attacks that stun, wound, and air-lock or knock down foes for a short time. These effects are very short-lived, but if used correctly the assassin will be able to completely incapacitate and kill any single opponent in one smooth ultimate rotation of combinations.

Assassins are a dagger-wielding DPS class. Quick and nimble, assassins utilizes every tool in their kit to dance circles around the enemy, overwhelming them with both of their blades and disrupting them with kicks and acrobatics to prevent any counterattacks. They capitalize on critical rates and dexterity, as their raw DPS isn't all that great; and they don't take damage very well, so it's important to stay on the move. They are probably the hardest class to play in the game, because they don't have the added advantage of using any ranged skills except for the Dagger Throw, which only deals between 1 and 3 damage at a time. It really only gets them away from danger for long enough to rush back in.

Recommended Stats[]

Assassins should try to obtain equipment which increases Dexterity, Strength, Constitution, Physical Attack, Physical Critical Rate, Physical Critical Damage and Cooldown.

Recommended seal stones

Whirling Blades[]

This is a deadly Combo attack that has 2 variations. There is a 5-hit Combo on the ground and a 3-hit combo usable on airborne enemies only. If used on an airborne enemy, the assassin will strike them further up into the air and they will be knocked down when they land. This can also be used in combination with the Berserker's Rising Slash.

Moonlight Edge[]

This is an even more deadly 5-hit Combo attack that will knockdown all opponents and deal massive, complete AOE damage to anything close to or surrounding the target. All summoned minions almost always die without a chance.

Difficulty: Hard

This class specializes in swift attacks and evasive actions to outmaneuver enemies and chain together attacks across both land and air.

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